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01. Welcome to Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast

What? It’s Kylee Ann in the podcasting world, this is big news! Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast is here!

When I announced I was finally starting the Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast, it sounded like no one was surprised and everyone saw it coming. But if you had a conversation with me about podcasting, I’ve always said, “No, I’d rather be a guest podcaster, that’s just too much work. I don’t have the setup, I don’t have the time, I don’t have the blah, blah, blah,.” I swore that I would never start my own podcast. I’ve loved being on podcasts as a guest podcaster, but have had no interest in starting my own.
  1. There’s so much content out there. And
  2. I’m a perfectionist and I never had the right time, space, equipment and
  3. I didn’t have a narrow enough audience.

But here I am, anyways. It’s not perfect. But it’s me…doing what I love and sharing it with you!

Kylee Mentors Moms Podcast

My goal is to empower moms in life and business every day.

I want it to be a place where people can come to get bite-size little nuggets of wisdom to empower them in their role as a business owner and as a mother or daughter or a friend or coworker. Whatever it is that you juggle in your life, I want to help you with all of those things.
Right now I have 12 weeks of content planned out on all the things I think are foundations for building a successful business. A few business strategies, a lot about mindset, mom-guilt and how to balance it all.

Launching with a raspy voice because perfection is overrated

I am launching my first podcast with allergies because I decided I’m done being a perfectionist. I’m done letting that stop me from doing things in my business. So this episode, it might have me stammering over my words. It’s going to have a raspy voice. If you’re watching the YouTube version, you’ll see my mom bun because guess what? I don’t like doing my hair and I’m not going to wait until I curl my hair, which will never happen to record this podcast.
I won’t promise it will be perfect, but I’ll promise that I’ll show up for you! I will do my best to make these conversations short and friendly and just feel like I’m talking to my friends. Thanks for being here friends. I am just really excited to see where this takes us.

If I’m talking to moms in business, we have to get back to business first!

I wanted to start with a topic that’s weird to launch a podcast with, but also so necessary. It’s called Getting Back to Work After a Pandemic, and I’m sure we’re all tired of hearing about COVID-19 and pandemic and quarantine, we’re done with it, right? But I felt like I could not start a podcast about moms and business when moms aren’t in business right now.

Mentoring moms in business

The first few months of the year, Kylee Ann Studios was booming. It was our best year. We had booked 20 weddings in the first month. I was shooting 15 shoots a week in my studio. It was the best January that we’d ever seen, and we were on track to being the biggest Kylee Ann Studios could have ever imagined. I’m not saying that goal is gone, but then quarantine hit and now everything is different. Literally everything.
We’ve lost an associate on our team and we gained two new associates. We rebranded our business and simplified what our offers are to wedding, family and brand photography with a specialist in each category. I niched down my mentoring audience to moms in business. Quarantine changed a lot for us. But it took a lot to get to where I am now during this quarantine.

2020 started out amazing, and now everything is different. Dare I say better than before.

Mentoring moms in business

I was paralyzed.

At the beginning of quarantine, I spent weeks reading every news article, Googling statistics, making sure corona wasn’t in my city, which it obviously is now. Then I waited for my business to basically just crash and burn because of economic shutdowns. Because if I am a brand photographer, serving brands and all those brands die…it’s bad news. I was in this negative place of like, “Okay, it’s over, it’s done.” I was paralyzed. I felt like a fraud being a leader in the photography world because I was applying for the SBA loans and relying on the PPP to pay my bills. Turns out everyone was and I am not a fraud for needing help.
As an industry leader and the breadwinner, I felt like there was a lot of pressure on my shoulders.. Not to mention I was also in charge of the livelihood of multiple women beyond myself. Instead of moving forward, I just stopped. I think it was okay that I stopped for a minute.

It’s important to feel all the feels.

I don’t regret the time I took off because it’s important to feel and work through every emotion. Allow yourself time to feel and heal. If you are still feeling paralyzed right now, don’t just turn that off and start working. Dig deeper, get help, get professional help to deal with those emotions.
I realized I could sit here let myself shut down my business even further. or I could take control of my business and adapt. I needed to change my message, switch up my wording, pick up the pieces, take baby steps and get back to work.
Trauma changes people and we’ve all experienced trauma over the last few months in one way or another. It’s been a scary world to live in and we are different for it, but people still need what we offer, and maybe they need it more than ever before. Maybe they need it different than they needed it before, but people still need what we offer.
Mentoring moms in business

I did five silly things that got me back on track. 

I started doing a few things daily to get my head back in the game. 1. Stop watching Netflix and started listening to podcasts and classes. 2. Made my bed. 3. Real bra or real jeans second week. 4. I began my daily gratitude practice again and morning routine 5. Think, What do people need from you? And change everything.

Mentoring Moms in Business

Listen to these five things that pulled me out of quarantine here:

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