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05. Being Personal is Not About Sharing your Stretch Marks Online

In order to stand out in a saturated crowd, I needed to be different.

When I started marketing my business online, I was not being personal on Instagram, I was stuck in these professional, drab style posts, just ugh. I go back and scroll through my Instagram from the very beginning, and there’s no personality at all. 

Some of my captions were, “This is the Johnson family,” or, “Go look at the blog to see more of these pictures,” or, “This was shot with the Sigma 35 F 1.4 art lens at 2.8.” Or Pinterest quotes like,  “Be the change you see in the world.” Yeah. So stuff that just did not serve me well. Obviously I love quotes, I think quotes are great. I think positive affirmations are great. I think sharing what you shot a picture with is great, but it is not attracting your ideal clients.

It’s boring. it’s impersonal. it’s not relatable. And I realized that if I wanted people to connect with me, I had to be personal. I had to show personality online. I had to show my personality in my marketing, in person, online, on my blog, on Instagram, on social media, any social media.

In order to stand out in a saturated crowd, I needed to be different.

You don’t have to share every inner thought to be personal

The biggest transformation I see when I’m mentoring people is that the people that open up and become more personal are the ones that transform their business quickest and most successfully. It opens new doors and opportunities, but most importantly, it connects you with your perfect target client.

Attract clients that match your vibe by being more personal

And when I say perfect target client, I’m not saying the prettiest target client or the most popular. It’s the client that loves what you offer. Your style, your expertise, your personality. and they’re willing to pay the price and trust you completely.


I’m not asking you to show the world your stretch marks or confess your worst sin online.

Being Personal is not about sharing your stretch marks online. 

Some people share their stretch marks and some people share their salads

I’m simply telling you to be yourself – whatever is authentic to you.

Choose 2-3 personal topics (that aren’t too personal) and mix it in with your socials + website. We don’t need to know the color of your undies to know you’re a real human being.


No you’re not. And if you truly think you are. I promise you’ll still find a client that loves your boring life just the same. It’s not about being epic. It’s about MAKING CONNECTIONS.


For now, start simple!

Whats your favorite Netflix Binge? Why? Bonus: Ask your followers what theirs is too.

  • What do you do on a Sunday afternoon?
  • If there was a zombie apocalypse and you had to escape your house with only one item, what would your grab?

Be More Personal on Social Media and you will find the perfect clients that love you for YOU! 

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