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07. Learn to say Yes

For years and years, I never said no.

I hate to disappoint people. I’m pretty much a people pleaser, and hate to see people upset. “No” was not really in my vocabulary when I started business.

  • Would you do it for this price? YES
  • Can you get me all the pictures back in time for this? YES
  • Can I squeeze in a session tomorrow? YES – which sometimes I still do but when it works for me.
  • Will you edit some vintage, some sepia, some selective color? YES
  • Will you whiten my teeth in every 150 pictures? YES

BUT I learned that saying “Yes” to everyone else was saying “No” to my family.

When I was taking 4 sessions a week or working everyday to please my clients, I was saying no to my kids. I was saying no to my family I was saying no to making dinner. I was saying no to cleaning the house.

Because I couldn’t say no,

  • I was busy all the time
  • I sacrificed things I wanted for things I didn’t want
  • People learned they could take advantage of me
  • I couldn’t do anything really well because I had too much on my plate

The second I started turning away clients and raising my prices I was able to balance my life as a mother with my life as a business owner in an entirely new way.

We have to say no to the good so you can say YES to the great!

There are a few simple ways to say YES to your family that don’t require the NO word.

1. Specialize in what brings you joy, makes the most income & what you’re best at

2. Raise your prices

3. Schedule family days, work days and shoot days

4. Batch Work

To hear more specific examples on how I learned to say YES and what it looks like in my life, listen to episode 7: Learn to say Yes on Kylee Mentors Moms:



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