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101. My Ride or Die Apps

An entire blog dedicated to my ride or die apps!

I just cannot keep these apps to myself! Anything that helps me free-up my time from doing the busy-work is a game changer and I want to share them with you!

My Ride or Die Apps

You cannot afford to spend hours sending emails, scheduling social media and keeping track of client communication. It’s 2022, there are so many tools to have you do more in less time so you can focus on working in your business.

1 – Honeybook

I’ve talked about this app a few times but just a reminder, Honeybook is a client relationship manager that automates your client communication.

If you’re a service-based business then honeybook is a great option for you. You can embed contact forms in your website, where clients will immediately get put into your system and on your pipelines where you can keep track of their progress from inquiry to invoice paid to project completed.

Everything is in one place so you don’t lose track of where each client is at. That way it’s not all over DMs and emails and text messages. There is a paper trail I can follow with everything in one place, so I’m not flipping through all my messages trying to find when I said how much I would charge someone.

I am much more efficient and more organized, which gives my clients an excellent experience working with me.

You can also save templates for emails, questionnaires and contracts so you can easily send clients information in less than thirty seconds. It makes it so easy!

If you’re not service-based, I would recommend Calendly. If you don’t need to send emails and questionnaires, and just need to book appointments and keep track of payments, that would be the best CRM for you. Once you set up the event, it’s all automated from there and it will send email or payment reminders for you.

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My Ride or Die Apps

2 – Loomly

Okay I’ve always talked about Planoly to schedule my social media, and I still stand by it if you’re only on Instagram. But! If you are on so many different platforms, I would use Loomly. I have transitioned from Planoly to Loomly in the past few months because it is so helpful to schedule all my social media in one place: Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, Facebook.

If you are trying to do all the things, then Loomly is where it’s at. I have different calendars for all of my social media accounts: my personal coaching TikTok, YouTube and Instagram pages, my family photography facebook and Instagram pages, my commercial TikTok and Instagram pages and then finally my Bear Lake Airbnb Instagram and Facebook pages. So much all in one place!

I will go into Loomly and dump media into the library of each of those calendars, then I can easily plug that media into a time slot and schedule it on all the platforms. And of course fine-tune the post for each platform if I need to.

3 – Flodesk

I use this app for my email marketing and it has saved me thousands of dollars. It’s the first email system I’ve used that doesn’t charge me more as my list grows. Which is huge!

But I also love it because their templates are beautiful, easy and perfect for what my brand needs. I can have emails that look pretty while still giving my subscribers all the information they need.

You can plug in pop-up or opt-in forms without it looking odd. I can segment my audiences so that I can send an email to certain people on my last rather than everyone. SO great.

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My Ride or Die Apps

4 – QuickBooks

I used to be a big spreadsheet person to keep track of all my business finances, but my expenses just grew and grew to the point that I could be making errors in my bookkeeping and I just didn’t have the time to sit for hours and sort through my spreadsheet. So I invested in QuickBooks.

It lets you add all your checking and credit card accounts so it can automatically keep track of all your expenses. You can categorize your expenses so you’re not putting all that information in manually, and then at the end of the month, you can easily reconcile.

You can do all the reports you could possibly need. You can send tax information to employees. It is amazing. Especially if finances and bookkeeping are not the easiest thing for you to wrap your head around.

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My Ride or Die Apps

So those are my four ride-or-die apps. All are game changers and will give you so much more freedom. And that’s what it’s all about, automation and saving time because us moms need nothing more!

My Ride or Die Apps | Kylee Ann Mentors Moms

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