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118. A Look Into My Social Media Strategy

Let’s talk a little bit about social media strategy on today’s podcast! I wanted to share a short episode with all of you about what I’m doing to keep up with all of the things!

In 2023, and the end of 2022, I became the full-time social media manager for my accounts!  I have 4 accounts: @kyleeanncoaching, @kyleeanncommercial, @kyleeannstudios, and my rental account, @bearlake.vacation.

Right now, my strategy is daily reels on every one of my accounts.  For now, I’ve stopped posting photos and carousels, and I’m posting mostly reels.  Reels, right now, are the best strategy because of the exposure they provide you, the growth they give you, etc.  I find it easier to just post reels rather than a mixture of other types of media, especially when the other media does not get nearly as much attention as the reels do.

Social Media Strategy

Here’s a look into my system and scheduling:

On @kyleeanncoaching, I speak on 3 categories: Mindset, Marketing and Systems.  I also have my Podcast.  Each week, my goal is to have a reel on Mindset, Marketing, Systems, and my Podcast Episode.

On @kyleeanncommercial, it’s a bit different.  Our Kylee Ann Commercial account is more collaborative Instagram with my other team members.  It’s helpful, in a lot of ways, in getting me content! I highlight our brand photography with my team on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday.  Then, I highlight my Becoming A Brand Photographer course on Wednesday and Friday.  When I’m highlighting the team, I’m also trying to highlight our different services. Each team member has a specialty and I use the following system for content:

  • Monday – Mandi with flatlays and product-based shoots
  • Tuesday – Nicole on working with brands (making it easy and fun)
  • Thursday – Alycia working with kids, chaos, videos, and our big shoots
  • Friday – Shelby’s California commercial work (we can shoot in the sun year-round) in addition to highlighting my course

@kyleeannstudios is really just our portfolio account.  We occasionally share tips and things like that, but it’s mostly portfolio based.  We book most of our family sessions from SEO and our email list, but it’s good to have a portfolio account to showcase our work.

My @bearlake.vacation strategy is to show the different things there are to do around Bear Lake in each season.  If someone is planning their vacation in the winter, I want them to know where they can stay, what they can do, where they can eat, etc.

Overall, on all my accounts, my strategy is to give value to my target audience on the topics that are my expertise.  In short, that should be your goal, too.  In the bio of each of my accounts, you can see what my mission is and who my target audience is.  My strategy is to speak to that mission and to that target audience every single time I post.

If you need help with social media, I highly recommend my FREE Weeklong Content Plan, as well as my 16 Weeks of Marketing. I plan out, for sure, a month’s worth of content at a time on all of my accounts.  You can too!

Social Media Strategy

I wanted to share a couple tools with you that I’ve added to my arsenal to help me with my social media strategy:

  • Loomly

It’s been a little while now, and I now use Loomly 100% of the time.  I used to use Planoly, and I still highly recommend Planoly, but I’ve outgrown it.  I have too many social media accounts! Loomly is great because I can post reels, stories, posts, Facebook, Facebook groups, TikTok, YouTube videos, YouTube shorts, LinkedIn, etc.  I have 10 total accounts I’m currently managing through Loomly.  Loomly is awesome because I can schedule 1 piece of content across 3 different platforms, then fine tune each post to fit that particular platform. Loomly also allows me to post from my phone when I’m not utilizing the auto-post features (which I don’t do too often, currently).

  • Templates on Instagram

As you scroll through your Instagram reels feed, in the bottom left-hand corner, you can see if the audio is trending or not.  In this same spot, above the audio, it will sometimes say “Use Template”.  If you press “Use Template”, it will pull up what clips you need to make that exact reel.  You’ve probably even created templates yourself! That helps a ton in cutting down the time that it takes to create reels!


If you want more information on my FREE Weeklong Content Plan, as well as my other courses and challenges, click HERE!


118. A Look Into My Social Media Strategy 

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