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119. Marketing, Where Do I Start?

Today we’re going to talk about one of my FAVORITE topics – MARKETING! I get so many questions about marketing because it’s such a complicated thing! There are so many ways to market, so many types of marketing, so many places to market… that’s what gets a little bit tricky!


Where do you start with MARKETING?

TikTok, Instagram, email marketing, paid ads, Pinterest, SEO, Website, content, mailing, door to door… there’s so many ways to market your business! It can get confusing, frustrating, and overwhelming! Unfortunately, you get to a point where there’s so many things that you have to do so you freeze and don’t do anything. It can feel like you’ll never catch up or you can never market your business because you just don’t have the time and resources to be in all the places.

Here is your permission to not be in all the places! You can start exactly where you’re comfortable and grow that avenue!  You could stay in that one avenue and have a very successful business.  You do not need to be in all the places.

For me, I like to choose 2 places that I focus on.  I know that I cannot rely on just 1.  Instagram could shut down any day of the week, or there could be new laws on email marketing – you just never know.  It gets tricky when we have all our eggs in 1 basket. If we’re in 1 basket, that can be a little bit scary, but again, you do not need to be in all the baskets.  You’re probably thinking, “Well YOU do all the things…”. Now, this is true, but I’ve also been in business for 12 years and marketing is my specialty.  As I’ve evolved, I’ve learned new things, I’ve added new tools, and now I’m doing all of the things in some way or another – not how you think, though.  I’ve been on YouTube, and I’ve been on TikTok, but a lot of those things are just “extra”.  Often, I’m posting content that I made for Instagram on to these other platforms. It’s “extra”.

I focus on Instagram (specifically with reels and stories), and SEO.  Those are my 2 major marketing areas that I strategize in.


We have been blogging since 2011, 3 to 5 times a week.  We use SEO key words and optimization.  That is our main source of revenue.  People are finding us from all over – all different types of businesses in all different areas, just from our SEO.  SEO is Search Engine Optimization… AKA being able to be found in search engines like Google.  This is how we booked Chuck Norris (I’m not even kidding), this is how we book weddings in California, booked coaching clients in Oregon, and brand clients literally all around the world! SEO is such a powerful tool.  If you’re interested in SEO, I highly recommend signing up for 1-on-1 or group coaching with me. I do have courses for you, as well.  SEO is not something I can cover in a podcast, but I can however tell you that it’s something worth investing in.

I especially recommend SEO for service-based businesses or local businesses.  It’s so easy to get to the top of Google when people are looking for a service, shop, store, etc. in their area.  There are so many people looking for you on Google, but they’re not going to find you because you don’t exist there.  They’re going to go with whoever they can find, so by not having an SEO strategy, you’re missing out on a ton of organic, awesome clients.

SEO is how I grew from a 1 person show to providing jobs for 10 different women.  All from 1 website and 1 business.  I largely attribute my success to SEO.

Key Steps:

  • Build a website
  • Create an SEO strategy
  • Have an Opt In

If you’re posting regularly and have a super great website, but nowhere to send people, they’re not going to take action.  Where are you leading people? Are you leading them to a Freebie? Are you leading them to booking a session with you? If you don’t have anywhere to lead people to, you’re certainly not going to book them.  Having an Opt In is how you target and create leads for yourself.



Instagram, for me, is the front end of my store.  People can look in the windows and see what I have to offer.  Most times, they’re going to come in and get hooked with my SEO, my funnels, my marketing, etc.  If you don’t have anywhere to show clients what you offer, it’s going to be hard to lead them through your funnels, SEO, etc.  Instagram is how I lead people into my business.  You can do this without social media, but we’re living in 2023 where most people are going on social media multiple times a day.  Take advantage of it.

This is where I’d start.  You could have a great Instagram, a great SEO strategy, and never have to be on any other platform.  Yes, I am on all these places.  Yes, I do have success stories on all these platforms.  However, it’s not our main source of revenue and it never has been.

If you have questions, please reach out – we talk about all of this in coaching!  If you want to be on the list for our group coaching or 1-on-1 coaching, click HERE!


119. Marketing, Where Do I Start?

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