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120. Getting My Mojo Back

120. Getting My Mojo Back

Getting My Mojo Back

A couple weeks ago, we talked about motivation vs. discipline – this is part 2 of that episode.  Before I get into trying to find that creative inspiration again, I want to reiterate that sometimes (actually, most the time) we’re not going to feel motivated.  This means we need to really work on being disciplined first – that way we can do what needs to be done instead of waiting around to feel inspired or feel creative.  We must get in the habit of being disciplined.

BUT, a lot of people asked the questions: “How do you get creative?” “How do you find inspiration?” “How do you get motivated and excited?”

If your needs are getting taken care of, if you’re on a good schedule, and if you’re doing the things you need to be doing for your business, I think it is important to figure out how you can get that creative flow back into your life.

I have some examples of what works for me, but I want you to think about the following statement: “The last time I felt motivated, I did ________.”  What did you do? Where were you?  Keep in mind, this will vary so much based on your personality, based on your life experiences, based on who you are, your enneagram, etc.  Someone could feel motivated in New York City’s hustle bustle of people all around, but that could also drain some people.  Some people could feel motivated when they’re at the beach by themselves.  Everyone has their own way of feeling creative – that’s important to note – no 2 people are going to be the same!

Getting My Mojo Back

How I feel motivated, inspired, and creative:

  • Conferences

I’ve been attending conferences and workshops since I was a teenager.  My dad is a speaker and an author.  He’s owned a couple difference companies, and those companies do conferences that I’ve attended. I’ve heard my dad speak at conferences, I’ve spoken at conferences, and even my mom has spoken at conferences.  We are big conference people.  I feel so inspired and get such a boost when I attend a conference.  I’ve heard people like Jasmine Star, Rachel Hollis, Mel Robbins, Darren Hardy, etc.  I’ve listened to such successful, well-known, inspiring individuals.  But, even though we have Key Notes who are big, grand, and important people, I find the most inspiration from the break-outs.  I find the most inspiration from the smaller, more accessible speakers who share their experiences.  The cool thing about conferences is that you can find inspiration from attending, even though you may not necessarily be there for what the conference is promoting.  What speakers speak about can be used in any business, really.  The same principles of knowing who you are, your branding, your target audience, your funnels, etc. can be used in different businesses.  Start finding some local conferences and workshops, even if it doesn’t directly relate to your business. You can find accessible and affordable options that can give you so much of a boost!

  • Books

I’ve started staying away from self-help books, because they can be overwhelming, and the voices can be so loud.  If I’m feeling like I need inspiration, I will go and find a book that will provide me with that inspiration.  It largely depends on what I am needing.  There are so many great books on so many different things – burnout, art, happiness, etc.  Reading a book, or even finding a podcast on the subject, is such a great way to get you out of your head and change it up.

  • Stillness

I find stillness with mediation, breathe work classes, float tanks, long hot showers, and sitting in my sauna.  Stillness is such a big deal for me when finding motivation.  It helps me sit in the discomfort for a minute, and let the ideas come through.  The nudges and promptings.  It helps me align with my purpose.  In those still moments, I find so much inspiration for my next big thing, my next little thing, or my next step.  I highly recommend spending time with yourself every single day.  If not every day, then at least once a week.

Do the things you need to do to find inspiration and motivation – no matter what those things are.  It’s there, and it will come, we just aren’t always listening.

120. Getting My Mojo Back

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