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121. Balancing That Mama Work Life

Episode 121. Balancing That Mama Work Life

Balancing That Mama Work Life

It’s been a long time since we talked about balancing mom-life and business.  I want to circle back to this conversation, but I also want to make you aware that there are SO many episodes on this – if you’re struggling, please dive into mom-life balance.  It’s possible for you to not feel like a crazy person all the time.  I’m not going to say it’s possible for you to feel completely balanced all the time, because in reality, mom-life ebbs and flows.  There are busy weeks, days, hours and then there’s slow times.  It’s a constant up and down – it will never fully balance.  That being said, you can find a balance and a rhythm with the craziness that doesn’t feel all-consuming all of the time.  The majority of the time, it can feel like you’re living your dream life.  This largely depends on how you approach it and some tools you can use.

Balancing That Mama Work Life


  1. Find a Babysitter

I know a babysitter is not possible for everyone, but if it is possible, I highly recommend hiring a babysitter.  Even if it’s just for 2 hours at a time for a few days a week.  That gives you several hours of uninterrupted time.  You can get so much more done in those hours of uninterrupted time than you could in a whole day while caring for your kids.  Also, their quality of life will go up because when they’re with the babysitter, they’re playing and having fun!

  1. Let Go of Mom Guilt

Either way, you’re going to have Mom Guilt.  That’s what I’ve learned about being a mom.  When we choose to have Mom Guilt, there it is.  Whether we’re guilty that we let them watch too much TV while we were working, or when we were working, they were playing and we weren’t paying enough attention to them.  We feel guilty when we drop them at a babysitter.  We feel guilty when they at daycare or even Grandma’s house.  My suggestion is to let go of the Mom Guilt.  You’re always going to have it if you choose to have it.  It’s because we care.

I want you to think about your WHY.  Why are you starting this business? Why are you doing what you do? Why do you need to make money? Most of the time when moms are starting a business, it’s because:

  1. It’s something they’ve always wanted to do. They’re passionate about it, and it brings them a ton of joy.  That in turn is going to make you a better mom.  You’re fulfilling yourself and you’re doing things that bring you health and happiness.
  2. They are working because of financial reasons. We are moving to a time where most households have to have 2 incomes.  If we want to live the life we desire (vacations, sports, fun family time, etc.) most households will have to have 2 incomes.  There’s also the single-mom community – you HAVE to work because you simply HAVE to.  By working, you’re providing.  By providing, you’re giving your kids a life.  Whether that’s just a house, a car, and food on the table or the extra things.  There’s a reason behind that financial choice to work, and that reason is usually motivated by providing a better life for your kids.

If you really think about why you’re working, and your ultimate goal is to give your kids a better life – whether that’s basic necessities, fun extra things, or a more fulfilled and happy mom – it usually equals a better life for your kids.  This is why we need to let go of the Mom Guilt.  Shift from the guilt to remembering WHY we do what we do.

  1. Give Yourself Grace

Being a mom is hard enough on its own.  Then, you add in cleaning the house, appointments, laundry, your business, working, and all the other things you’re dealing with… it adds up! It’s a lot to worry about, and a lot to think about.  You need to give yourself more grace.  It’s a hard job to be a mom. It’s a hard job to be a woman.  It’s a hard job to run a business. Give yourself the grace you need to let go of the “I’m not good at this…” The goal is not to be perfect and have it together all of the time, the goal is to try to be a little bit better every single day and to provide a good life for our families.  Our best is going to look different every single day and in every season of life.  The sooner you can get on board with giving yourself grace, the better your life is going to be.

  1. Know Your Vision

Your WHY and your vision board go hand-in-hand.  Having a vision board on my wall, next to my desk, helps me remember WHY I’m putting so much into everything I do.  I know what I want for my life, and I know what I want for my kids’ life because of my vision board and Manifestation Story. It’s right here next to me on my bulletin board.  There are sacrifices, but the joys, benefits, and lifestyle completely outweigh those sacrifices. We are always sacrificing something, so choose your sacrifice.

  1. Practice Self-Care and Quality “You Time”

Self-care can be anything.  Whether it’s a couple minutes of meditation each day, a prayer, reading, scripture study, a massage, quiet time in your closet, etc.  Giving yourself time and space to feel, plan your day, and connect with who you are is so important. It will also help you regulate yourself.  When you’re regulated, it will be easier to have mom-life and work-life balance.

By doing all of these things, you’re going to be able to find that rhythm and balance that you’re striving for.

Balancing That Mama Work Life

Episode 121. Balancing That Mama Work Life

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