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128. Productivity With Caitlin

Episode 128. Productivity With Caitlin

Today, we have my friend Caitlin joining us on the podcast! I’m excited to have you guys hear all about the amazing things she’s doing! She’s been blowing my mind away!  


Caitlin is a brand photographer, she’s come to one of my content days, she’s taken my Becoming a Brand Photographer course, and she was signed up for my Brand Retreat.  She volunteered her mom to come on and share about her new book on boundaries to my Alumni Mastermind.  In that little interaction, Caitlin’s mom told me that Caitlin is ALSO writing a book! WHAT?! Then, all of the sudden, I’m finding out that not only is Caitlin a brand photographer, but she also has other revenue streams! She’s writing a book that’s almost published, she’s doing direct sales, she does an asset recovery business, and she’s building out courses, etc.  She’s a closet entrepreneur.  When you get to know her, you think, “Wow, she’s a powerhouse!”  She’s also a wife, mom, and Taylor Swift fan – so she’s in good company! 

Her entrepreneurship journey was not at all the path she thought her life would take, and that’s good! Sometimes, the plans we lay down for ourselves are “good” plans, but then what actually happens is so much better.  Caitlin dabbled in photography as she was growing up, and a friend of hers said that she wanted to start a photography business together.  She almost turned her down, but ultimately, they ran their photography business together for 3 years!  It was the most incredible experience.  At that point, she was going to go into interior design, but as their business grew, she started to see herself desiring freedom! She decided she was going to go all in on the photography business and quit her 9 to 5 job. All of this was happening during the Covid Pandemic.  Caitlin’s mom also pushed her more into entrepreneurship after Caitlin was experiencing was most photographers did at the beginning of the pandemic: sessions were canceling, no one wanted to meet in person, etc.  Caitlin’s mom found another business in asset recovery, and they have been working together ever since.  It’s completely out of left field from everything else they do!  As she was with her mom every day, she heard her mom trying to virtualize her direct sales beauty business and felt inspired to also join her mom in that venture.  If she hadn’t taken that first step with her friend in their photography business, then she never would have had her other business opportunities.  That fostered her belief in herself.  


I asked Caitlin to share some more about her upcoming book launch and to share some of her tips for productivity with us:

Her book is for busy moms. Being a mom is a fulltime job! Her book is full of tips to help you crush it at your family duties, but also have your own identity and chase down every dream that you have.  She doesn’t believe that you have to pick between mom-ing and dreaming! You can have everything that you want to have!  

Her book, The Productivity Roadmap, launches on May 6 – you do NOT want to miss it!


Here’s her top 3 tips:

1 – Know Your “Why”

Ask yourself the following: 

What’s your life’s vision, and where are you going? 

What do I value? 

What am I passionate about? 

What lights me up?

What would my ideal life look like?

2 – Plan Your Life

If you want to have everything you want in your life, but also want to maintain a balance, you need to develop good planning habits.  

3 – Use Your Resources and Outsource

If there’s a task in your business that doesn’t need your specific gifts and skill, hire it out.  

You wear a lot of hats as a business owner, but we aren’t necessarily meant to wear all of those hats! 

On the personal side of things, rely on your village! Utilize family members and babysitters, hire someone to clean your house, etc.  

There’s a weird stigma around it, but you don’t have to do all of the things in order to be a “good mom.”


I’m just so grateful that Caitlin took the time to share her wisdom and tips with us, and I am so excited to read her book!


Episode 128. Productivity With Caitlin

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