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130. Getting Ahead Of Summer Schedules

Episode 130. Getting Ahead Of Summer Schedules

I cannot believe that it’s almost time to plan summer! Oh my gosh! It came so fast! 

For us, school is out the end of this month, but I know in a lot of places, school doesn’t get out until June.  I want to do this podcast early enough though, because summer planning starts now!  You should already be planning your summer, regardless of when you get out! 

The cool thing about owning a business is the control that I have of my schedule.  In the summer, when my kids are home, I really do slow down a lot.  I want to share how I do that! It’s all about getting ahead of summer schedules.

Getting Ahead of Summer Schedules

1- Plan Ahead

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again – PLAN AHEAD!  I plan my social media ahead of time.  Normally, I’m posting 5 days a week, but in the summer, I am posting maybe 3 times a week.  I keep it going, but I don’t spend as much time on it.  People also aren’t spending as much time on social media consuming it either, so it’s okay! I record all of my podcasts early so I’m not recording in the summer.  I want to be working in my business – going to shoots, doing my coaching calls, etc. I want to have all my email marketing, funnels, social media, and podcasts flowing and going before we even get to summer.  


2- Put your summer activities first

Put all of your summer activities like swim lessons, camps, vacations, visiting family, and fun things on your calendar first!  I go through and check when my family will be visiting, I put camping trips on my calendar, I put events (like town events) on our schedule, etc.  After all the fun is on the calendar, I figure out my work schedule! I work depending on what my kids are doing.  I don’t always work every single week, but I definitely work several times a month.  I may take a week off, but then I work 4 days the next.  This helps for when I have people start to reach out for family pictures and coaching – I already know what’s available and when I will be working. 


3– Outsource

I outsource a TON in the summer! My team does as well! Everyone else wants to be doing fun things with their family, too.  They all have white space on their calendar for working, too.  

Getting Ahead of Summer Schedules

Summer is so fun for me.  It’s so fun to be outside with my kids and do fun things.  It wasn’t always this freed up for me, so I do want to speak to that.  Not everybody is in a place where they can take as much time off.  I definitely work a ton in the spring and fall in order to make this happen, and I also has a team that works and runs through the summer.  If summer is your busy season, you can still do the exact same things.  Start by time blocking your summer, and then fill in the rest.  No matter what, whether your so busy or more laid back, you need to be blocking your time. 

You can do all the things on your dreamy summer list! You can fit it all in!  You can have a full life, and that does not mean working all of the time… that means playing and having fun with your family. 


Episode 130. Getting Ahead of Summer Schedules

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