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132. Things to Stop Saying in 2023

Today I want to talk about 4 things that you’re saying that are blocking your success.  These are things that I want you to stop saying in 2023.  I want you to think about what you’re saying, and catch yourself.  You’re probably saying these things more than you realize, so now that I’m bringing awareness to these phrases, I want you to stop yourself. If you do find yourself saying these things, try to change it.  I know it’s hard.  

Things to Stop Saying

1 – “It’s too expensive”

I hear this all the time.  “Oh, it’s so expensive!” We don’t want that phrase.  It’s not too expensive, it might just not be something that you value. Instead of saying, “it’s too expensive” and blocking yourself from ever being able to pay for it, you say “that’s not something I value.”  Or, you could try the phrase, “That’s not something I choose to invest in at this time.” Something that might be expensive to you may not be to somebody else.  By saying something is expensive, you are judging another person’s choice on how they are spending their money.  You are also judging what they value.  At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter.  There are some things that I am really cheap with, and there are some things I spend a lot of money on.  For example, I do not spend a lot of money on clothes and shoes. I’m good with my inexpensive style, but that doesn’t mean that I judge people who choose to spend that much money on those things.  It’s fun to have different values! 

Things to Stop Saying

2 – “My husband won’t let me”

First of all, don’t blame your husband if it’s not really your husband. I hear all the time, “my husband won’t let me do that” as a cop out.  But, their husband totally doesn’t care.  I’ve heard my own husband say the same. Don’t say that! Now, if your husband isn’t letting you do something, this is a different conversation. It’s probably time to have a conversation about what you value vs. what he values, boundaries, etc.  If you have a situation where your husband doesn’t want you to spend money, I suggest a blow fund.  Each of you gets a designated, equal amount of money in your budget each month to spend however you want.  There are also so many ways to make money if your needing extra funds! Gardening, babysitting, cleaning, selling things, etc.  Don’t let your husband stop you because of money – there are always ways to make money! 

3 – “If I only had ____” 

We are putting success into one thing, that one person has, and we are saying that their success is only because of that one thing. It’s a bad look. Not only are we discounting all the things that they’ve done besides that one thing, but we are also discounting our own skills and tools that we already have. You can be successful even without the best tools, even without the best equipment, followers, etc.  You can be successful with everything that you already have and with who you already are.  You are already amazing, and you can be successful.  You just have so many limiting beliefs that are stopping you from putting yourself out there in a way that’s going to push you to success.  

Things to Stop Saying

4 – “I can’t”

Stop saying “I can’t”, because you CAN!  You can do anything if you really want to.  Anything that you want.  There are a million ways to do everything.  There’s not one right way. You might not be able to do it the same way that someone else does it, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do it.  

Stop blocking yourself from success with these limiting beliefs. If you’re saying any of these 4 things, that means you have a lot of limiting beliefs standing in your way. As soon as you can clear those limiting beliefs and flip those around, and use them to your advantage, you will find success in your business.  It wasn’t until I got my mindset in the right place that I hit my massive goals. It took work to remove the layers of limiting beliefs, but once I broke through those barriers, it’s crazy the success I experienced.  Anything is possible. 


Episode 132. Things to Stop Saying in 2023

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