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14. Create a Vision Board

Talesha Kim a mom boss, healer and educator passionately creating a life of presence. She educates on emotional healing, help women navigate their burdens, and enjoy crazy adventures with her family.

Years ago she taught me how to create a vision board. I wanted to bring her back on to the podcast to teach us all.

Creating a Vision Board

Vision boards and affirmations literally have changed not only her life, but her whole business.

Vision boards are so much more than just like gluing something to your wall.

You actively have to use it and actively have to engage with it on multiple levels.

“I want you to really envision yourself having that thing that you put on your vision board. So let’s say for example, that you want to go on this family vacation with your kids because you’ve been working countless hours and you’re like, I just need some good quality time with my family. So you put a picture up on your vision board of a family vacation. You want to do. When you look at that picture, I want you to just really pretend like you are in that vacation. What are you eating? How does it smell? What activities are you doing? Are your kids laughing? What moments of stillness are you having, where you can just be like, wow, this is so incredible. You’re just going to that depth level within your being to imagine yourself in this place. Like as a kid, I think we’re all creative, right? And we have this wild imagination. And then we forget as adults, a vision board is a way for you to tap back in to that creativity, to allow your brain, to have evidence, to create the scene, to come into your life.”

There are a lot of different ways to set up a vision board.

For those of you who like organization and direction, this is going to feel great to you. For those of you who like to be a little bit more creative, just put your vision board up and follow some of these directions and you’ll be golden.

Creating a Vision Board

  1. Divide your board into 3 rows and 3 columns for 9 total squares.

2. Put at least one picture or word in each category. (Start with about 6 categories if you’re feeling overwhelmed)

3. Put it next to like a mirror or your bed somewhere that you’re going to consciously look at it every single day.

4. Use affirmations daily when looking at your vision board



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