Bringing Down Your Lava

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150. Bringing Down Your Lava With Rising Motherhood

150. Bringing Down Your Lava With Rising Motherhood #CEOMOMCLUB

Bringing Down Your Lava

As we are preparing for summer


Preparing our schedules

Preparing our kids’ activities

Preparing for trips and company


But one thing that is overlooked…

Preparing for the overstimulation

The noises

The behaviors

The fights

The normal kid things that WILL happen when are kids go from school and routines to home 24/7.


To prepare, I am bringing my twin sister, Lauren Pace, onto the podcast today! She is a behavior and child development specialist!


Lauren is a mom of four young children and a former preschool teacher. Lauren earned her Master of Science in Human Development and Family Studies with her thesis research in Positive Behavior Support and in-home family coaching. In her free time, Lauren loves to spend time with her family, camping, doing creative hobbies, watching soccer games, baking sourdough bread, and helping start businesses with her husband.


Lauren believes in helping parents look at the root of challenging behavior and using that as an opportunity to connect and help their children develop social and emotional skills that will serve them for the rest of their lives.


As she was doing her work with parents and teachers, she realized a big piece was missing.  These caregivers must also be taking care of themselves! What does that look like? What do we need? Even with hard child behaviors that we work diligently through, we must also be taking care of ourselves.  On the podcast today, Lauren is talking all about our own parenting triggers and how we can take care of ourselves even when are kids are experiencing difficult behaviors.


Bringing Down Your Lava


Lauren’s Volcano Analogy


Bringing Down Your Lava


One day, when Lauren was feeling overwhelmed, triggered, and overstimulated she felt as though she was a volcano! She told her kids “Mom feels like a volcano.  When my lava goes up, up, up I feel like I’m going to erupt. It’s my job to bring my own lava down.” Her kids were understanding this analogy, her kids adopted these lava phrases, and her Lava Analogy was born!


I love that, with Lauren’s Volcano Analogy, we are taking responsibility for our own triggers, emotions, overwhelm, and overstimulation.  This is not something we were taught by the previous generation of parents, but it’s important to make this shift and take responsibility for our own behaviors – even as grown ups!


Lauren wrote a children’s book about her Volcano Analogy! You can find it HERE!


Ways To Bring Your Lava Down

  1. Put Yourself First
  2. Prioritize Routines
  3. Connect with Friends
  4. Move Your Body
  5. Heal Triggers
  6. Get Nutrition

*Try Lauren’s Favorite Happy Juice


Bringing Down Your Lava


Find Lauren HERE!

Find Lauren’s Children’s Book HERE!


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