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151. Make The Most Of Your CRM

151. Make The Most Of Your CRM #CEOMOMCLUB

Make the most of your CRM


If you’re a woman in business, chances are you’re familiar with the term CRM, or Customer Relationship Management.

If you are not, let’s chat for a second. This is a must.

When I started my business, I did everything manually. I had a spreadsheet for this, a google doc for that, a form for this, a spreadsheet for that. I sent out reminder emails, invoices, and check ins based on my own brain.

If you have watched me free training on scaling your business, you know what happened. I ended up in the ER. And legitimately lost my mind.

Fast forward to one of the most important systems I added into my business: A CRM. When I made that shift from burnt out small business to CEO, it was the CRM that made the biggest difference.

What is a CRM?

A CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, is a powerful tool that helps businesses organize and manage their interactions with current and potential customers. It allows for the centralized storage of customer data, communication tracking, and the management of sales and marketing activities. Essentially, a CRM enables businesses to build stronger, more personalized relationships with their customers, leading to enhanced customer loyalty and overall business success.

There are A LOT of CRMs. And many are very specific to your industry. As for me in the creative industry a long with designers, photographers, videographers, make up artists, and other creative vendors, we use Honeybook.

I LOVE Honeybook. And I will link my Trial + 50% off coupon below. But today, I am not going to get into the specifics of Honeybook. Instead, we are going to talk about CRMs in general. I know some of you use different platforms, and that is GREAT. I

Are you truly harnessing its full power? Let’s explore why having a CRM is important and how you can ensure you’re using it to its maximum potential.

Why Your CRM Matters

As a woman in business, your time is precious, and so is the data you collect on your customers. A CRM helps you keep track of customer interactions, manage leads, and nurture relationships. It’s not just a tool for big corporations; it’s a game-changer for businesses of all sizes.

Simple Ways to Optimize Your CRM

  1. Consistent Data Entry


Make the most of your CRM


Make sure all customer information is consistently entered into your CRM. This ensures that you have a comprehensive view of each client and can tailor your interactions accordingly.

I have MANY contact forms that I have created in Honeybook and embed into each page of my website. My family page has a family contact form, commercial page has a commercial, coaching page has a coaching and so forth.

When someone reaches out to me on my website, obviously they go through the contact form, and are put right into my pipeline. But what about the people that DM, comment on Facebook, Text me, Call me, etc.

I will chit chat but I ALWAYS lead them to the contact form.

EVERY client or potential client gets put into Honeybook. If they don’t, they will get lost. And their experience will suck haha.


2. Use Templates for Everything


Make the most of your CRM


Every email you send should be saved as a template. If you aren’t using templates, chances are you are repeating yourself A LOT.

  • Every invoice you send
  • Every contract you send
  • Every questionnaire you send

It is ALL stored in ONE app. You don’t have to go from Google forms to Numbers to Excel to your overpowered brain. It’s all stored for you. So you can sleep at night


3. Regular Follow-Ups


Make the most of your CRM


Use your CRM to schedule and track follow-up activities. Whether it’s a thank-you note, a check-in call, or a special offer, staying engaged with your customers can make a world of difference.

Most CRMs have something similar to a pipeline where you can put your clients into different stages. Lead stage, proposal signed stage, proposal paid stage, Planning stage, follow up stage, etc.

Because of this organization it allows you to send the right check in emails at the right time.

  • Inquiry to Follow up
  • Proposal Sent
  • Needs Assigning / Retainer Paid
  • Brands Coming Up


4. Personalization


Make the most of your CRM


Leverage the data in your CRM to personalize your interactions. Remembering details about a customer’s preferences or past purchases shows that you value their business.


5. Tracking Performance


Make the most of your CRM


Your CRM can provide valuable insights into the performance of your sales and marketing efforts. Take advantage of these analytics to make informed business decisions.

I want to emphasize that having a CRM is not just for YOU to keep your head on straight, it’s for you to create a consistent valuable experience for every client. We get compliments almost daily for our thorough process, and quick responses. This is literally impossible without the systems in place to easily onboard a new client. The key to great customer service is to always be one step ahead. Don’t wait for the client to ask you questions. Be on top of it.

Again, if you don’t have a CRM, I highly recommend Honeybook! I have a Free Honeybook Class that walks you through a lot of it.


Make the most of your CRM


Your CRM is more than just a digital address book. It’s a tool that can help you build and maintain meaningful relationships with your customers, leading to long-term loyalty and success. By maximizing its potential, you can streamline your processes, boost your sales, and create exceptional experiences for those you serve.

Your CRM is a valuable asset that deserves your attention and proactive use. Take the time to ensure that you’re making the most of it, and watch as it becomes a key ally in your journey as a successful CEO momma.


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