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152. Summer of Fun (& Work!) | CEO Mom Summer

152. Summer of Fun (& Work!) | CEO Mom Summer #CEOMOMCLUB

CEO Mom Summer


As a business owner, your motivation to start your own venture was driven by the desire to spend quality time with your kids and have the flexibility to set your own schedule instead of being tied to a 9-5 routine. Also – having deep passion for something.

However, while you cherish these personal priorities, it’s equally important to ensure that your business continues to thrive without interruptions, even during breaks.

Turns out you can have a MAGICAL summer with your family while still crushing it in your business. All it takes is a little bit of preparation.

After all, the whole reason I am working so hard is so I can have a beautiful life with my family. If I work ALL the time, what’s the point?
Even though it’s “busy season,” I am determined to have ALL the summer fun!! It’s my favorite season!
CEO Mom Summer
Here are a few things I do EVERY year to prepare for summer. You can tune in to this week’s episode to hear exactly how it looks.

1. Plan Ahead: Distinguish between working in and on your business. Prioritize working on it by preparing in advance for summer.

Organize social media content, podcasts, and marketing efforts to stay ahead.

2. Put Summer Activities First: Structure work around family activities and vacations. Mark all summer events on your calendar first, then plan work around them for a balanced summer experience.

3. Create a Summer Bucket List: Make time for fun and family. Know what you want to do this summer to create a fulfilling life. Commit to your bucket list in your free time.

4. Outsource: Delegate tasks during the summer. Have support scheduling emails, managing social media, and handling photography tasks to maintain a healthy work-life balance.


CEO Mom Summer


By following these strategies, you can enjoy a successful and fulfilling summer while keeping your business thriving. Play, work, and make the most of the season ahead!


CEO Mom Summer


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