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153. Starting Over In Your 30s With Talesha

153. Starting Over In Your 30s With Talesha #CEOMOMCLUB

Starting Over In Your 30s


Today on the podcast, I’m chatting with my good friend Talesha Carter! Talesha is a former successful life coach, and she more recently kindled a lifelong passion in esthetics. Despite the challenges of balancing family life as a wife and mother, she bravely pursued starting over in her 30s by going back to school. Proving that with passion, resilience, and support, any dream is within reach. Her determination led her to become a master esthetician, a testament to her belief that it’s never too late to start anew!



From the beginning, Talesha has always been on a journey (whether through her life coaching or now as a master esthetician) to take care of women – physically, mentally and emotionally. I have loved witnessing this theme within Talesha as I’ve worked with her for so many years.

As CEO Moms, a lot of us are on this journey of figuring out who we are individually, as well as who we are in our businesses. It’s also important to realize that it’s okay to start over! Even in your 30s, even in your 40s, and even in your 50s. Starting over doesn’t make you less of a CEO mom or less of a business owner. Sometimes in life, things happen and it feels like they are derailing you and everything you wanted. Get still, ask yourself those hard questions, and follow the light. Wherever that light may lead you. If there is a calling within you, if you feel impressed to do something… even though the fears, you have to answer that call!

Remember: It’s never too late to change your vision – you’re capable of doing difficult things!


Starting Over In Your 30s


Talesha now brings joy and confidence to her clients at K Salon and Spa in Logan, Utah, where her expertise and warm approach make every visit a rejuvenating experience.


Starting Over In Your 30s


To hear more about Talesha’s journey, tune in to today’s podcast!

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