Dos and Don'ts of Building a Team

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154. Dos and Don’ts of Building a Team

154. Dos and Don’ts of Building a Team | #CEOMOMCLUB

Dos and Don'ts of Building a Team


When I started my associate team, I was the only one I knew who had an associate team. Now it’s becoming more common. Which is AMAZING! But, I don’t want that to make you feel pressured into either having one or joining one. You can 1,000% be successful and happy without an associate team. If your business is at a place to sustain an associate team, its the best thing ever!

Let’s talk about some of the Dos and Don’ts of running an associate team:




-Have Systems in Place

    • CRM
    • Payment system
    • Business Bank Account
    • LLC Set Up
    • W9
    • Marketing System in Place
    • System for every shoot front to back
    • System for editing
    • Consistency
    • Have contracts in place

-Be consistent for Yourself First


Dos and Don's of Building a Team



-Let limiting beliefs talk you out of it if everything is aligned

-Start a team without your systems and marketing in place

-Be afraid of letting people into the inner parts of your business


Dos and Don's of Building a Team


I hope this episode helps those people that have been toying with the idea of having a team. If you’re ready, go for it! If you’re not ready, that’s okay! If you’re never ready, that’s okay too! I want you to be able to find happiness, community, and sisterhood – with or without a team. It’s possible!

Do you still have questions about running a team? Let’s hop on a coaching call! Contact me HERE!


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