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155. E-Commerce with Elise of Little Joy Co.

155. E-Commerce with Elise of Little Joy Co. | #CEOMOMCLUB

E-Commerce with Elise of Little Joy Co.


I brought Elise, the owner of Little Joy Co., on the podcast this week. She is sharing her journey in e-commerce that started when she was 15, and has led to her starting this baby/toddler brand with triplets under one year old DURING the pandemic. WOW….

My goal this year is to bring SO many different types of careers to this podcast so all career mommas can find someone they resonate with.

Elise started her first business (on eBay) at age 15, pretty much by accident, and has been in business ever since. It’s evolved a lot since then, and she’s sold a huge variety of things, but Little Joy Co. is the first time she’s had her very own brand.

A few things you’ll learn from her story:

1. Do what works best for you

Even if it goes against what every other business is doing, you must do what works best for you. Not only for you, but for your family as well.


E-Commerce with Elise of Little Joy Co.


2. Research

Research the market constantly.  With all her experience in the E-Commerce industry, Elise learned just how important research is for running a successful brand!

3. Pivot with Trends

Much like the importance of research, you must be willing and ready to pivot with market trends! It’s vital that you don’t box yourself in.


E-Commerce with Elise of Little Joy Co.


4. Outsource

We all know that I’m a big believer in outsourcing.  Outsource, even just a little, so you can focus on what YOU do very best.

5. Keep pushing but also…


E-Commerce with Elise of Little Joy Co.


6. Know your limits

Know your limits and remember that there’s so many other ways to grow. There’s so many things you could do. There’s so many more designs you can do. There’s so many more avenues you can explore. BUT, you know what your goals are and you stay there. Don’t be afraid to reign yourself in.

I’m so grateful that Elise joined us on the podcast to share all of her wisdom about the E-Commerce world – Tune in to hear even more of her story!


Find Elise and Little Joy Co. on Instagram HERE!

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