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156. Raising Entrepreneurs

156. Raising Entrepreneurs | #CEOMOMCLUB

Raising Entrepreneurs


Earlier this year, I was asked to do a presentation with my dad at a leadership event about Raising Kids to have an Entrepreneurial Mindset. I got EMOTIONAL as I came across my Dad’s slides while recording my podcast!

I am so very grateful for my parents and for my upbringing.  I wanted to share this on the podcast because I think we have a big opportunity. Maybe you’re a first generation entrepreneur and maybe this is your first time running a business. You’ve had to jump through a lot of these hurdles that maybe I didn’t even have to because the way was paved. BUT, what an opportunity we have to pave that way for our children. How cool is it that our kids get to start where we leave off?!

What Growing Up Looked like with a Dad as an Entrepreneur:

  • Watching my dad speak on stages
  • Being roped into so many random projects
  • Listening to his calls from the car
  • Relentlessly teasing him for his recording mess ups or self help book choices
  • Googling him to show him off to my friends
  • Traveling with Dad to Events
  • Investment Chats at Family Home Evening


Raising Entrepreneurs


What Growing up FELT Like with a Dad as an Entrepreneur:

  • My dad was ALWAYS home
  • My dad playing his guitar in a station at so many class parties
  • He knew all my friends and crushes names…and teased me about them relentlessly
  • My dad attended field trips
  • I didn’t know most of my friends dads but everyone knew my dad
  • My dad had the time freedom to show up and be involved.


Raising Entrepreneurs


For my dad, raising kids looked a little more chaotic. Trying to fit in the meetings, the networking, the marketing, the kids activities, the field trips, helping around the house, the babies, etc. Learning that my dad felt like his life was CHAOS was very validating to me. Because that’s how I feel.


Raising Entrepreneurs


Lessons I learned from Dad:

  1. Always Keep Learning and Growing
  2. Take Risks and Try New things
  3. Duplicate & Automate


Our advice to parents:

  1. Talk about Everything
  2. Include your kids in your business
  3. Encourage Entrepreneurship
  4. BUILD a dreamy Lifestyle


You want your kids to be entrepreneurs? Show them what’s possible.

It may not be everyone’s dream. But being home with my kids and building a killer business and community is mine. And I’m only here because I saw it was possible.


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