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17. How to Use Reels to Grow your Business

There have been SO many emotions around the newest feature on Instagram — excitement, nervousness and pure dread to name a few. So today we’re talking all about REELS on the podcast.
First of all, what is reels? Reels is VERY similar to TikTok but inside the Instagram app. You can record and edit 15 second video clips, add music and words and share on your stories, feed AND reels explore feed.

 I know many of you are thinking what I was thinking.

  • Ugh not another thing to learn…
  • I don’t have time…
  • I suck at dancing…
  • I’m not as creative…
  • And all the other things…
BUT I changed my mindset!!! This is another free tool I can use to grow my business. It’s an amazing opportunity that we all have access to for FREE. Today I’m not only sharing HOW to post a reel, but ideas, too. Learn how to show your personality, be educational and show off your product or service with reels.


1. Open Instagram
2. Click camera in top left corner
3. At the bottom select reels
4. Add a video clip, shorten it to the preferred length
4. Repeat until you have 15 seconds or a complete video
5. Add audio and effects
6. Add text and choose which videos you want it to cover
7. Add a cover photo
8. Post



  • Introduce Yourself
  • Day in the Life
  • Behind the Scenes of your life
  • Fun facts about you
  • Share a story
  • Show your personality
  • How to
  • How to prepare
  • What to expect
  • Be educational – share How too
3. Product / Client Posts
  • Share your product
  • From beginning of production to end
  • Behind the scenes of your service
  • Final results
  • examples: hair dresser, photographer, energy worker, health, beauty
  • examples: products – design, warehouse, shipping, final result

Alternate your reels with these THREE categories. We are SO blessed with this FREE opportunity to grow our businesses and followings. We get to create new, fun and engaging content. Let’s do this together!!

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