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109. 2 Steps Backwards or 4 Feet Forward

“I’m talking to a lot of women, and a lot of women are having the same problems right now. It’s coming from having so much on their plate and feeling so overwhelmed.”

A few things that you need to remember:
 You are ONE person doing the job of many people

A lot of moms in business take on everything. Most business, that are not run by passionate moms, have a whole crew of people to share the workload!

 You are ALSO a wife, mom, sister and friend
 Sometimes life gets heavy, hard, and overwhelming
 Sometimes kids get sick, have a hard time, need extra support
 Sometimes mental health takes its toll

4 Feet Forward

When you are the ONLY person doing the job of many people, you get burnt out. You’re overloaded and  overwhelmingly full, so you stop being able to keep up. A lot of times, this makes you take 2 steps backwards. That might be your sabotage cycle, and that’s normal! So, instead, why don’t you design a business that can run when you cannot? This happens to me too! I get burnt out, and I take breaks, but
instead of crumbling, I have a team of 10 people helping me run my business.

Building a Team = Everything

Instead of 2 steps back every time life gets hard, what if you take 4 feet forward?

The last several fall seasons, I’ve been so overloaded with heavy grief and trials that I was unable to find any joy – in my own personal life and in my business. This year, I was able to shoot fall sessions again, I was able to go to the corn maze with my kids, I went on family ranger rides, and I found JOY. I didn’t lose any clients over the past couple years of not shooting because my team stepped up and took care of them for me. They gave these important people the Kylee Ann experience for me. My business thrived when I was not.

How can you give your customers and clients your experience without it being you?
A team provides you with:
 A community
 Builds in space for burn out
 Increasing physical capability to do more and to be more (Without having to do
and be more all on your own)
 The opportunity to share the workload

 Sharing and spreading the emotional load

If you’re feeling stretched thin, maybe instead of taking steps backwards, try adding two more feet.
How do you do this? That’s an episode for another day. But for now, ask yourself…
 Is there a job that stresses you out that would LIFT the weight off your shoulders
with someone else doing it?
 How would you be able to expand your business if you had someone else on
your team?
 How would it feel to have the emotional capacity to take a break without shutting
down your business each time?
 Is there someone that just popped into your head that would be a perfect fit?
There’s not just one way to hire…
 Hire a contractor to work on projects
 Hire an employee to work hourly (4 hours a month to 40 hours a month)
 Hire someone from Upwork or Fivver

Remember to give yourself grace.

If you want to expand your team, and need my help, I would LOVE to walk you through
the details. You can book a session with me below.

Episode 109: 2 Steps Backwards or 4 Feet Forward

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