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25. All About Enneagrams with the Enneagram Mom

All About Enneagrams with the Enneagram Mom

I used to think that personality tests were all about those Buzzfeed quizzes that tell you what Harry Potter character you are, or those questionnaires you were forced to take in high school to find out your future career. The first time I took a real personality test, I felt SO validated. But nothing has been as powerful as learning my enneagram.

I was shocked by how accurate my number matched my character! I became obsessed and started learning all I could about enneagrams.

Enneagram helps you understand what makes you tick and tells you so much more about yourself than any Buzzfeed quiz will. It can even help predict how you might act when under stress, or how you interact with others. It tells you all about what motivates you and reveals your hidden, underlying desires.

There are nine numbers, or personality types, shaped by a core belief about how the world works, and we spoke with Tess O’driscoll in this week’s podcast to learn what is in an enneagram number.

All About Enneagrams

Every type has its share of bad and good traits.

Enneagram helps us learn how to become aware of and refine our bad traits.

The most important thing enneagram does is to help us not only recognize our own strengths, but the strengths of those around us. It is so exciting to me that I can finally better understand why the people in my life, from my team to my best friends to my family. I no longer spend time fixated on how much someone frustrates me because I understand why they act the way they do. I instead try to see their strengths and how they can enrich my own life.

I feel like enneagram gives me validation and confidence in those things that just make me weird. It has totally validated who I am as a person and I love it!


Thinking about what your number might be?

Go take the test at

Then find out the enneagram number for your 5 closest friends/family.

When you have your number, research it! Look at every number and how they interact with yours to improve your relationships, and yourself.

All About Enneagrams


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