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27. Gratitude

It is Thanksgiving week and there’s a lot of gratitude talk in the air, which is why I’m talking about one of my favorite topics on Kylee Mentors Moms: Gratitude.

Studies have proven that having an attitude of gratitude has major benefits! People who count their blessings are more happy and less depressed, more relaxed, more resilient. You’re more social, kinder, have better relationships, less materialistic, and have more self confidence.

Thinking positively helps us get rid of toxic emotions and has lasting effects. When we take time to consider those things we count as blessings and are grateful for, we will be more aware of the blessings that we have.


Kylee Mentors Moms: Gratitude


For years I have kept a gratitude journal and it has changed everything. It allows us to move in a good direction and see blessings around us as we’re going through hard times. My gratitude journal was one of the biggest reasons I got through my hard time last year and I know it can do the same for you.

I challenge you to start a gratitude journal, write a weekly thank you note and have a prayer dedicated to gratitude so that when the turkey and mashed potatoes are finished, we can feel the benefits of being grateful year-round.


Kylee Mentors Moms: Gratitude



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