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29. Using a Coach to Push Past Fears and Limiting Beliefs

Guys I have been DOUBTING myself. When I launched Kylee Mentors Moms my plan was to start coaching. But I froze. And I have been frozen for 8 months.

But I know the tools to get unstuck. I hired a coach to help me.

Well, actually two after the first fell through I was led to the second. My coach always says “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. Through my coaching, I finally had a breakthrough. I was trusting myself at 0%. And once I let go of these fears and limiting believes I have, I have been on FIRE.

Limiting beliefs were holding my back.

So I brain dumped all of them. And re-framed them!!

  • Will I be able to give people results? Of course I will. I always have. If I don’t, I will change it, to make sure I do.
  • Will they put in the work to make the investment worth it for them? Yes, because they are investing a lot of money into this program, and it has all the tools to get them to where they want to be. Plus its one on one so I can adjust for each person.
  • Is my pricing right? Am I giving too much away? Am I too high for my target market? I AM SO much lower than industry standard, and my courses are ALWAYS packed but I am know I am working with moms in business. I know that not everyone is going to be able to invest. But the moms that are ready to hit their goals, and grow six figure businesses will invest in it.
  • Do I have enough knowledge and experience to claim myself as a good business coach? Yes. What started as a little hobby for me grew into a full service studio with multiple revenue streams and a multiple six figure income. You have the talent, I have the strategy. I was just a nobody with a hobby and 0 skills in the beginning and I built this (with God) from scratch.

Not only am I ready to COACH, but another opportunity fell into my lap to certify myself as a mindset coach.

Using a Coach

Benefits of hiring a coach:

– Accountability
– Get to where you are going quicker
– Blind spots/Un-biased input
– Personal development

What to look for in a coach:

– Find someone that is where you want to be in their life and/or business
– Find someone that fits your values

Launching my VIP Coaching Package

My coaching plan will help you create a longterm sustainable plan, improve your systems (in life and business), strengthen your mindset and expand your goals + vision. This program is tailored to your life and business.

Because I will be pouring into each of my coaching clients, I am only opening a limited amount of spots each month.

I want to help women make money BUT NOT at the expense of their families. Lets build your business and grow your family, together. If you are a mom in business looking for more balance, resilience and results, I would LOVE to be your coach.

– Bi-Weekly Private Coaching Calls
– Full Business Systems Check and Personalized Action Plan
– Access to Online Classes that Correspond with Personalized Plan
– Workbook with Weekly Assignments and Prompts
– Unlimited Voxer or Email Access to Kylee
– Invitation to KMM Mastermind & Retreats following Coaching


Please tell me why you would be a good fit for my coaching program! Since we don’t take every application, the more thorough, the better!

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