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37. Chatting with my Bookkeeper on All Things Financial

I have had A TON of questions about bookkeeping, finances, tax prep, etc. so I turned to Katie Maher to dive into all these topics and help answer some questions. Katie is a boss babe who has turned her passion for bookkeeping into her own business.


Katie has so much knowledge and covered everything from automation and bookkeeping programs, to budgets and even outsourcing. Getting serious about your business’ finances means you’re getting serious about making your business professional — no longer treating it as just a hobby on the side.

Katie put it perfectly when she said: “It’s time to STEP UP and invest in those things that will turn your business into a professional company.”

All Things Financial

All Things Financial



Katie spent the first seven years of her career working behind a desk as an in-house bookkeeper for more than 30 different companies, clients, and investors. When she found that her joy revolved around helping her smaller businesses understand their financials, budgets, and work-flow processes, it was a very natural leap to start her own virtual bookkeeping business.

Katie launched her company, Rocket Books, at the beginning of 2020, and could not wait to use her experience to add value to any and every small business owner out there. She never expected to find herself, almost a year later, working with a fantastic group of all-female entrepreneurs as her clients.


All Things Financial


The BEST thing that Katie talked about in today’s episode is the Profit First Strategy.

Maybe you’ve heard of it, but Its a business strategy used to make sure that you are getting paid first and running your business with what is left over, rather than the other way around.

So many business owners struggle with making sure that all their expenses are covered, but not paying themselves. Maybe you’re wondering why you’re business is making you profit and why you’re not getting the income you expected. That’s where the First Profit Strategy comes in.

Learn all about it in the book Profit First  and listen to the episode for even more nuggets of advice to tighten up your business’ financials!

  • Taxes
  • Owners pay
  • Proft
  • Operating costs

All Things Financial


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