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38. How to Build Confidence in Yourself and Your Business

Having Confidence in Yourself & Your Work

In the beginning of my business, I was looking at everyone around me and what they were doing in their own businesses (we’ve all done it). I was constantly changing my edits, my lenses, my marketing techniques, my style, my posts – all of it, to what everyone else was doing.
My whole business strategy was just to do what other people were doing. And you know what? I just found myself fixating on my own insecurities, what I was lacking and my failures as a business owner.
Eventually I learned how to step into my own power and stay in my lane. I stopped caring what other people were doing because I found my own path. I came to terms with my path, learned to stop comparing myself to others because their path was not my path. I always knew what my next step would be and that led me to feel confident in my business. I slowly stopped feeling threatened by others and their big things because I knew my path and where my lane was.
Its important to remember that most people don’t start out being super confident, we all start at the beginning with zero confidence, zero followers, zero income and zero clients. Everyone starts at zero. If you’re at zero right now or just feeling like you’re at a low point, stay in your lane and stop comparing yourself to others, because if you don’t have confidence in yourself, how will anybody else?
Confidence in your work
Confidence in your work

How to Build Confidence in Yourself and Your Business:

We discussed all these things in depth in the podcast below. This podcast has a lot of references to photography, just because that is my lane, but these tips are great for ANY business owner! Here’s a quick summary:

-Fake it till you make it.
-Affirmations. Repeat every morning. Before every client.
-Improve Skills in the areas you lack confidence in.
-Identify your strengths and capitalize on them
-Ask hard questions to others.
-Release and Reframe Negative Beliefs (is this true?)
-Focus on YOU and the truth
-Journal all your doubts, fears, worries
-Tighten your inner circle with people that build you up.

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