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108. 40k in 40 days on TikTok with Falter Media Co

On today’s podcast, we have my brother Austin joining us to talk more about marketing (specifically, short form video content)!
Austin has always been incredibly talented, especially in videography! He graduated in
marketing from college and started his own Marketing company, Falter Media Co.
When he started his business, he was solely a videographer, but shortly he realized he
wanted to start growing into marketing and advertisements.

Austin started with 1 batch of 90 videos on TikTok and posted 3 videos a day for about
a month. He quickly had 10k followers on TikTok, and in a few months, they hit over
100K followers on TikTok. This helped Austin realize that you can get short term results with video marketing! Austin and his partner built a thriving agency (of 16+ employees) into a well-oiled machine, but when Crypto tanked in August of 2022, they were forced to pivot entirely.

They decided that they needed to be producing videos on both LinkedIn and TikTok to
showcase their business pivot. After 2 months into their new project on TikTok, they
were completely booked up with calls, booking new clients, and generated $111K in
new contracts for Falter Media Co! They had recouped all their revenue and rebuilt what
they had originally lost! Austin’s video marketing on TikTok literally saved his business.

Short Form Video Content

Most of my listeners are not on TikTok, so I asked Austin:

“Why do YOU need to be on TikTok?”

TikTok is awesome, obviously, and that’s what Austin is great at, but what he’s really
talking about is short form video content. Whether that’s on YouTube, Reels on
Instagram, TikTok, even Snapchat!


How do you utilize short form video content?

1. Get good at making videos off the platform.
a. Don’t do twice the work! Whatever you post to Reels, post to Snapchat or TikTok!
b. Don’t feel the overwhelm. If you’re already good at one platform, you’re already halfway there!

2. It can be a marathon, but it can also be a sprint.
a. You can put in a lot of work, consistently, and that’s great! That’s a surefire way to grow a community.

b. BUT, if you want/need it to be, it can be a sprint. There are things you can do to turn your short form video content into a client/customer acquisition model much quicker! Austin says to focus on the following 3 things:

Short Form Video Content
i. Branding – the content you make in batches needs to be
duplicable. You need to take strategies that are already working, then tailor them slightly to your niche. This helps you build a presence and really educate your audience with original content.
ii. Quality – your videos don’t necessarily need to be on an expensive and fancy camera. Those are great, but it’s really in your preproduction. Your scripts need to be good, and your hooks need to be good. Then, in postproduction, your captions need to be good. Austin says this is really 80% of the battle. Once your pre and postproduction is up, then maybe start worrying about the actual filming of your videos.
iii. Quantity – you need to be thinking in batches rather than “what’s my next post on Instagram”. Be thinking about my “90 Days of Marketing” but apply it to short form videos! Also, consider outsourcing the actual posting of your content. If you outsource
your posting, then you aren’t losing valuable time by being sucked into social media. Batch work allows life to happen so you aren’t stressed and experience burn out.


So, you have these videos now, but how often should you be posting them?
Austin recommends posting 3 times per day on TikTok. He then takes 1 of his short
videos and posts it to Instagram every day. The algorithm is still adjusting and working
out for YouTube, but Austin posts maybe a few times per week to his YouTube channel.

What do you and Falter Media Co. do for us who are overwhelmed?

Austin says they have 3 ways that they work with people:
1. They give away free content every day! Follow him and duplicate his strategies!
2. They have a few resources for if you’re doing this yourself including some
courses and their Freebie! (I’ve included more information on his Freebie below!)
3. Work with our teams and our agency!
a. As a client of Falter Media Co., we come in and teach you the strategies.
We believe that your brain should be focused on the content and creation.
b. Once your content is created, you put it in to a Dropbox and then forget
about it.
i. Our team edits your videos, adds in b-role, creates animated
captions, etc.

c. We strongly believe that you’re the expert! You can come up with the
ideas and the content, and we handle the rest!

Find Austin Here:

Freebie: “7 Viral Video Types for TikTok Brands” to help you get into short form video


Episode 108. 40k in 40 days on TikTok with Falter Media Co.

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