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52. Biggest thing Holding you Back is Yourself

The only thing holding you back is yourself with Lauren Kay

Lauren was THE FIRST person to apply to my Aligned coaching program. She messaged me asking for some one-on-one time before I even launched the program. That just shows how in-sync we are!

Today, it is mindblowing to look back at the Lauren I knew the first week of coaching and think that is the same Lauren I know now. The best thing about coaching her was to see her confidence (which was already in her) come through and GLOW.

Gaining that confidence is really what we focused on throughout our weeks together! Sometimes you may be doing all the things you’re supposed to be doing with marketing and investing in education, but you feel like you’re not going anywhere.

Sometimes all it takes is a mindset shift – to figure out what is holding you back and to work through all the self-doubt and negative beliefs you’ve been telling yourself. Sometimes all you have to do is learn how to trust yourself, your impressions and gut feelings and see the growth explode from there.

Lauren had all the tools in her toolbox, she was doing all the right things, and the only thing holding her back was HER! We didn’t give her anything new, she already had it within her, we just gave her the tools to help her unleash her confidence. Lauren’s now Aligned with her purpose which is something we are all striving for!

I’ve noticed more and more that confidence is really what us mamas in business need. Not more followers or more classes or self-help books. Confidence. And what you don’t realize is that you already have it within you, it’s just about discovering it. I brought Lauren on the podcast to talk about getting past yourself, because you’re probably in the same situation or know someone who is.

The only thing holding you back is yourself

ALIGNED with your purpose

Lauren owns her photography business but lately has been shifting into the niche of all niches: empowering brides. She’s been a wedding photographer for many years but has been feeling a pull to this new niche. She’s even started her own podcast all about encouraging brides to have their best weddings. But before all that happened, Lauren just didn’t feel like she was doing what she felt called to do. Something wasn’t clicking.

“Coaching was a huge start to positive change in my life and business. In the last few months, opportunities have come to my business and help me be more in-line with its purpose. Through coaching, I’ve not only grown in confidence but I’ve been living in line with my purpose and what I feel like I’m called to do.”

The program is called ALIGNED because I want people to be ALIGNED with their purpose. I don’t want them to leave coaching with their business just like mine. The program is not called “grow a business like Kylee’s” it is called ALIGNED because you are becoming ALIGNED with what you are meant to do. Not what I am meant to do.

“I want to empower brides to go out there and be who they are so now my business is transitioning more into empowering brides, not just photography. I feel like there just needs to be more out there for brides to have an amazing experience and to help them have an amazing start to their marriage. Living in alignment with what you feel called to do is SCARY because you get nervous wondering if anyone will even catch on. But once you really believe in yourself, it feels so much better and you feel so much more passionate about your work and what you’re doing.”

The only thing holding you back is yourself

Coaching vs. Taking Courses

There’s a difference between coaching and taking courses. You can take all the classes you want and sign up for all the limited-time workshops out there, but they’re probably not going to do anything for you if you can’t get past yourself. If you can’t believe in what you’re doing, you can’t go anywhere. This is where coaching is more than just taking courses. Because in coaching, you have someone to help you discover your mental blocks and shift your mindset to really take you to where you want to go.

“When I came into coaching, I was doubting everything I was doing. I was so unsure in my business and coaching gave me the tools I needed to work through my own mind because that is what was holding me back: how I saw myself. Now that I have that toolbox I got through coaching, I know how to work through the moments I’m discouraged and it has completely changed how I’m able to face challenges in my business and my personal life.”

Lauren is huge in education and has taken all of the courses. She was doing all the things right with showing up, investing in education and marketing, but couldn’t move forward because she didn’t have the confidence. Just a couple tweaks of mindset has changed everything for her.

“To people who feel like they’ve done everything and feel like nothing is coming of it, it’s because you’re missing that positive mindset, and coaching gives you that huge mindset shift. You can be doing all the things but if its not working, its because you don’t have the mindset. If you’ve been working at it so hard and investing in all the things you know you need to to be successful, the only thing holding you back is you.”

When we shift to empowering thoughts, we start doing things we would never think of.

The only thing holding you back is yourself

There’s coaching programs, and then there’s the ALIGNED coaching program

“The difference between this coaching program and others is that it is led by a mama in business who gets it. And that’s great because I’m a mom in business trying to figure this out. I learned how to balance growing my business with mom- life and I started figuring out how to be an amazing mom and an amazing business owner. From coaching, it opened me up to business opportunities and allowed me to accept them while still being a good mom. This is coaching that sets you up to have success in two months, not hand-holding for the next 20 years. You learn how to do it on your own.”

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