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54. It’s Time for a Reset

It’s Time for a Fall Reset

We’re back!! Bringing back this podcast is what I was looking forward to the most this summer. I’m so excited to connect with you again, thank you for your comments and likes because that helps me to be intune with where you are and what YOU need. So scroll down and leave me a review about what you think about the podcast or the episode. I can be more connected to you and tailor this podcast to you.

Fall Reset

Let’s begin!

For this first episode, I want to talk about resetting. Because summer is crazy and chaotic, and we can’t just move on to the next thing in our lives. My summer was camping trips, family coming to town, more camping trips, holidays, more family coming to town. And after I exhausted all the fun a person could possibly have in Cache Valley (which is a lot, really) I added in a 10 day trip with just my kids and puppy across four states in a small car.

When we got back, it was immediately back to school. Just run, run, run some more. And now that my kids are settled into school, I feel like I need to run, run, run to get caught up on all the things I haven’t been doing for my business.

Fall Reset

I know a lot of you are feeling the same way – just running, running, running around in all this chaos.

First of all, moms. You are rockstars. There is a lot of weight, both physical and emotional, that moms take on over the summer and into school. It can be a heavy load. THERE IS SO MUCH TO THINK ABOUT.

Second, we just can’t keep running. So today I want to talk about taking a big RESET before moving on to the next thing. I use this in between vacations, new seasons, big conversations and big work weeks. We’re going to talk about how to calm your mind and take a breath in between each activity and each season, because it’s important to know how to RESET and RELEASE so you’re not carrying heavy, frazzled energy from one thing to another.

We cannot keep running, running, running without that reset.

Fall ResetFall Reset

1. Be still —

I am a fast moving person. I hate to sit still or feel like I’m wasting time. I am always doing something. When I get my haircut, I’m answering emails. When I’m in the carpool line, I’m Marco Polo-ing clients. When I’m making dinner, I’m cleaning out the fridge and cupboards. When I am watching a movie, I’m planning content. That’s just my personality. But because I am constantly doing, doing, doing, I am carrying energy from one thing to the next.

We’re working moms and we don’t usually get breaks, right? That’s where stillness and breathing has helped me transition from chaos to chaos, and releasing all that energy in between. It gives me a little break from everything going on. All you do to be still is take three big breaths in and out. You inhale what you want to feel and exhale all the things you want to get rid of. I want you to try it right now! Sit still, focus on your breathe, inhale, exhale, inhale, exhale. Do this in between seasons, at the beginning of a new day and in between activities.

Being still resets your mind and your body

2. Journal –

This can’t be a #KMM podcast without talking about journaling. But guys, I talk about it all the time because it’s so important. For me, journaling is very bullet point, one page. I don’t want you to think that I’m sitting in my bed, furiously writing 15 pages worth of all the bad things that happened to me. I journal because feelings buried alive never die. If you’re not getting your feelings out, it builds up and you eventually combust.

What you’re going to journal is all the things you have on your mind: the conversation you had with someone you can’t stop thinking about, something your husband does that drives you crazy, all the stress, emotion and worries you carry as a mom or as a business owner. You have to feel it, get it out and move on. Spending 30 seconds writing down things that drive you crazy will save you the hours of what you’ll spend worrying about it. It feels like calling up a friend to vent about it is helpful, but usually it ends up escalating the situation, but a journal is neutral and does a great job at not judging you for all those feelings.

How to Journal effectively:

1. Brain dump.

2. Scribble

3. Gratitude

4. Repeat Daily

3. Move your body –

The easiest way for me to reset by moving my body is through a few yoga poses. I know some people find a lot of release through running or lifting. I love that for them. For me a few cat, cow and child’s pose does the trick. Yoga has some other benefits like stress and anxiety relief, improved mental focus, back and neck pain relief, and relaxed muscles.

Other forms of exercise will have the same benefits, so just take 10 minutes out of your day to move around. It will make a world of a difference in your attitude – helping you to reset.

4. Read Scriptures –

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. We use the KJV of the Bible and we use the Book of Mormon. I also love reading talks from our current leadership from our semi-annual conference. Reading scriptures helps ground me and keeps me in a more eternal perspective instead of worrying about really trivial things. By being regular in reading in my scriptures, I found that I also open myself up to more personal revelation in my business. I know that we are all of different backgrounds here, so just do something that grounds you and helps you gain perspective.

1. Be still
2. Journal
3. Move your body
4. Read Scriptures

Anyway, I’m excited to be back and I cannot wait for all the goodness that is coming on this podcast and through coaching! I have already seen women do some INCREDIBLE things this year. I am rooting for you all! Remember not to run run run run to the next big thing. Hit that reset button. Before this new season. Each day. Between each big moment of the day. Take the time for a fall reset. DM me on Instagram to let me know how you reset and how you feel afterwards. I want to know!

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