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63. Knowing Who You Are Can Help You be Confident in Yourself

Why the Enneagram Can Help with Confidence

As I have been coaching women the past few years, I have learned CONFIDENCE is a key piece in a successful business. And it is often a big struggle for us women. Did you know the more you know about who you are, the more confident you become? When you know why you do what you do you question why you’re not like others less! Learning about yourself is kinda magical.
It is a HUGE mind shift when we do things in alignment with who we are rather than what people want us to do! There are a million ways to do everything. Motherhood. Business. Work. Laundry. Etc. But there aren’t so many ways to do everything that matches YOUR personality. Your core desires. Your core fears. When we lean into what’s best for us by KNOWING what’s best for us, we can make decisions that feel good. Instead of being shamed, guilted or peer-pressured into what we do.

That’s where Enneagrams come in…again!  

I know there’s SO many different personality tests but I have come to love enneagrams. The enneagram test helps you understand your core desires, fears and the essence of who you are. Its not just a personality box. There are so many moving parts (wings, lines, growth, stress, subtypes, etc)
I see it all the time, moms are trying to fit into a box but they don’t fit into a box because they’re a circle!
Knowing your enneagram will help you understand yourself and others better. It really helps strengthen ALL relationships.
Why the Enneagram Can Help with Confidence

Here is a BREIF overview of each enneagram type. 

(You can learn more on the podcast with real life examples or at )
1. The Perfectionist – Needs things to be a very specific way. Self Critical. Nothing is ever good enough. Task oriented. Organized. On top of things.
2. The Helpers – Cannot control themselves when they see somebody that needs help. People pleasers.
3. The Achievers – The cheerleaders. Driven by aways And their achievements.
4. The Individualists – See themselves as unique. Feel their feelings deeply.
5. The informationalists. Knowledge is extremely valuable to them. Put facts before feelings.
6. The Loyalists – Preps for everything. Always thinking of worst case scenario. Shops at the same place for years.
7. The Adventurers – Party in a nutshell. Spontaneous. Driven by desire to have fun.
8. The Challengers – Will always stand up for what they believe in. Love a challenge. Great debaters.
9. The Peacemakers – Avoid conflict at all costs. Most chill. Can be seen as a pushover.
You have your MAIN type, and then you also have your WING. Your wing is an adjacent number to your main type. So if you are a 1, you may have a 9 wing or a 2 wing. Knowing which wing you are helps you understand your entire personality.

Enneagram Homework

1. Find your main enneagram number.
2. Find your wing – an adjacent number to your number that also sounds like you. You may have 0-2.
3. Help your partner, friends and family figure out their numbers.
4. Google your number and wing to dive in more to who you are and what drives you!
Why the Enneagram Can Help with Confidence

So what does this all have to do with confidence?

Once you know who you are, you stop living in a way that society wants you to live and you start living in a way that your personality needs.
We need to stop looking at the mold and start looking at ourselves! What fulfills us and what doesn’t fulfill us? Are we doing what we feel like we should be doing or are we doing what we feel like are true to our personality, our own strengths and purpose?
Knowing Who You Are = Confidence | Why the Enneagram Can Help with Confidence

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