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67. 3 Ways to Prep for the New Year

3 Ways to Prep Your Business for the New Year

I cannot believe the New Year is already here! We are weeks away from 2022. It seems like 2021 just started, and also was a million years away. What a weird world we live in.
As I am finishing up coaching calls for the year, we have begun prepping for the new year. There’s been three major things we’ve been working on with ALL my coaching clients the last few weeks. I thought it would be the perfect time to talk about three ways YOU can prep your business for the new year, too.
Prep Your Business for the New Year

1. Create Opportunities to Stay Motivated

The New Year is a great time to start up the routine again. A new beginning. A new chance to make new habits.
I am naturally a highly motivated person — a do-er and a mover. And super productive. When I am working on a new project, I go go go until its done. But I am finding the day to day stuff to be harder to stay on top of if I’m not ahead. Motivation is no longer natural, and easy to find.
Because of this, I have learned that ROUTINE is the way I actually stay on top of my business. The last few years have been heavy. My kids. My hormones. Healing from trauma. Covid and everything that came with it. Grief. Sickness. Friends with big struggles. Sleepless nights. Without the systems and routines, my business would not have survived any of it.
Because motivation doesn’t happen naturally, I focus on two things.
  1. Create a dream routine that I can still do even when things are hard
  2. Work ahead

What is my dream routine include?

The most important thing to ask yourself is what do you want your life to look like? And what types of things can you do every day to help your life look that way?

Right now one of my main focuses is to be in control. Of my thoughts. Of my emotions. Of my relationships. Of my income. Also, to lean into my purpose each day and do what feels right for me. I have worked really hard on listening to my intuition, and letting it guide my life. I want to continue to grow, learn and improve each day.
For me, time with Heavenly Father and myself each morning is the ticket.

So MY dream routine is:

  1. Journaling – Black and Gratitude
  2. Energy Work
  3. Quiet Time – Meditation, Prayer, Vision Board
  4. Read Scripture or a Conference Talk
  5. Getting myself ready + making my bed

Prep Your Business for the New Year

I also have Daily Goals I try to do each day

  1. Move my body – walk, treadmill, bike, yoga, gym
  2. Education – a podcast, audible or online course
  3. Make a reel
  4. One on one time with each of my kids
  5. Pick up the house before bed.
Yes, every thing on my list is simple.
And no, I don’t do each of these things every day.
But I wake up each day and try again.
I have this list taped on my wall, as my phone background and taped on my desk. With constant reminders everywhere, I have a higher chance of making it happen. And eventually it becomes an automatic habit.
Routines are helpful ALL year long. It something I work on with my coaching clients always. But for some reason new year just is that breath of fresh air for us  all to start again and make big changes.
What is your dream routine?
What do you want life to look like?
What types of things can you do to to create a life that looks like that?

Part 2: Work ahead.

How do I work ahead?
Create Templates for everything
Batch Work – Record Reels, Writing Captions, Writing Blogs, Outlining Podcast Episodes, etc
Do a Content Plan 2-3 weeks in advance

When you work ahead, life can happen and your business can stay on track. Working ahead gives you that space to be unmotivated and thrive. 

You can feel, have the days you lay in bed, get your sick kids from school without stressing, randomly take a Tuesday off, plan a last minute vacation, breathe.
Prep Your Business for the New Year

2. Income Planning 

The next way you can prepare for the new year is with income planning. It seems simple but MOST women I work with do not have goals of what they want to make or even an idea of what they NEED to make to have their dream life.
When I start working with women, they have big goals to make six figures or retire their husbands, but when we crunch the numbers, they are a LOT closer to what they WANT TO / NEED TO make to have their dream life than they think.
  • Set Financial Goals
    • What you NEED to make
    • What you NEED to make + what you WANT to make
      • Baby-sitter, house cleaner, furniture, decor
  • Break down goals with action plan and work backwards
  • Brainstorm Ideas to Diversify Revenue
    • Workshops, minis, bundles, packages

3. Streamline your Marketing Plan

There are a million ways to market your business. You don’t have to do them all. BUT it’s important to have a strategy. Where are you marketing and why?
Things to look at:
Are you using…
– Sales Funnel
– Reels
– Ads
– Email List
– Blog/SEO [Shelby moving to Cali – what we did/our plan]
– Social Media Strategy
  • Updated Website

What can you outsource?

This stuff FIRES ME UP!
Creating your dream life
Making new habits and routines
Finding systems and methods to work ahead
Setting Goals
Diversifying Revenue
Marketing Plans

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