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69. Livin the Dream in 2022

Hello and Happy New Year!

I love the feeling of new years – goal setting, habits, intentions, fresh starts. For me, it feels so good to organize everything I want to get out of my new year.

We want to live the dream in 2022, not just coast by and flop on goals just to be disappointed by the end of the year! So, I want you to think about what you want your dream 2022 to look like. Many of us had a hard 2021 and we have this chance to make 2022 what we want it to be. So really think about what this dream year to look like.

Living The Dream in 2022

To figure out what your dream life really is, start with whatever is pulling you or whatever is calling you.

When you’re on Instagram or people watching at the store – are you drawn to a minimalist house or a fancy house with lots of decor? Are you pulled to the present mom that gets down on her kid’s level in the grocery aisle or the boujee mom that’s always done up and prepared? When you’re scrolling social media and you think “Ah, that pulls me!” That is the life that is meant for you, and is waiting for you!

A couple weeks ago I was on a Transformation call with one of my clients and we were talking about what a dream week looks like, with family, passions, hobbies and business. My client was trying to describe her dream life but then asked ifs the dream life is even possible? Yes, it totally is!

Overall, when I look back on my year, I realize I got to have my dream life because I was doing what was aligned with my purpose. I was working towards the end goal, not just individual goals to check off. I let go of toxic relationships, was better with keeping a work schedule, and setting boundaries. I was using all these tools in my toolbox to live this dream life, relying on my team of women to help with my kids, my house, and my business. I can look at my life and say that is all I wanted for 2021: better relationships with my husband, friends and team, and adventures with my kids. That’s what I was pulled to, what was calling me. But that may not be your dream life, some other lifestyle may be calling to you so no judgment if you’re not really feeling called to that.

We are constantly manifesting whether we think we are or not. Unfortunately, we tend to manifest the bad things by hyperfocusing on things that stress us out or worry us. Like the dirty house, crying kids in restaurants, piles of laundry, sick kids. So let’s instead manifest our dream life into our life.

I’m going to list some questions here and I want you to go through each of them and answer them with either a bullet or a paragraph.

Whats your dream work schedule?

What projects are you working on?

What kind of mom are you?

What activities or vacations do you want to go on?

How do you want to feel?

What do you want to achieve or cultivate?

What would it FEEL like to live your dream life?

If ALL your dreams could come true, what would 2022 look like for you?

Go through each category

Then, go through each of the categories below and journal each one as if all your goals and intentions have already happened. As if 2022 just finished and you’re reflecting on the ways your dream life actually happened during the year. Here they are:






Relationships with Self


Last part: I AM

Write ONE I AM Statement for each of those seven areas that sums up your DREAM year. Affirmations are going to guide you to creating your dream life everyday, you’re going to repeat it everyday and tape it on your mirror to look at everyday. This is how you will cultivate your dream year.

  1. Answer the questions, brainstorm

  2. Go through each area of your life and journal like it’s already happened

  3. Write an affirmation for each area of your life as an I AM Statement

I want these I AM statements to be used every single day so that when you look back on 2022, you see your dream life. You can rip a page out of your journal and tape it up, make it cute on your computer and tape that up, you can even set it as your phone’s backdrop. I can’t wait to see what you dream, please tag me in any posts because we all know accountability helps us stay on track 😉 This stuff works, it is so powerful and an amazing force in shaping your dream career!

And if you’re hitting mental blocks, you can go back to other episodes we’ve done on vision boards (episode 14), intentions (episode 32), habits (episode 33) and setting a morning routine (episode 41).

If you are really feeling like you need more of a boost, motivation or direction, book a Transformation Session or join the Aligned Boost Coaching Program (6 week program including transformation sessions, personalized coaching call and individualized business plan and aligned course to improve mindset, confidence, systems, goal setting, habits and more).


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