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70. Uplevel your Life

A big part of creating your dream life in 2022 is clearing out the cobwebs, clutter, negativity, waste of time and energy, and relationships that are holding you back. This week we’re going to clear out all the clutter so we can uplevel your life and give space for all your dreams.

Uplevel your Life

Think of it like spring cleaning, but instead of just focusing on junk drawers and closets, we’re going to dive into your physical space, your health, how you use technology, and even inventory your relationships. Trust me it’s simpler than it sounds. Remember, the goal is to uplevel your life and get rid of the weight in your life so you feel like you can do anything.

I want you to do nothing with your business this week, yes NOTHING! Because this week you need to focus on organizing all the areas in your life so you feel renewed to tackle your big business ideas next week. I need you to commit to cleaning up your life this week and here’s how we’ll do it:

Uplevel your Life

Start with the physical areas!

Go through your closet

Get rid of things you don’t wear. Clear your spaces so that when you walk in your closet, everything there fits your style and everything there is what you want to wear. If you don’t have things that you love, splurge. Get two outfits that you love and feel really really good in…like hot mama good. I challenge you to get rid of things that do not make you feel like a million bucks and find things that make you do! So much clutter, gone!

Go through the bathroom drawers

Bathroom drawers are just a breeding ground for things we don’t need anymore. Throw away the expired make-up and any products you don’t use. If throwing them away is giving you heartburn, donate it to a friend, sister, niece. Then take everything you need for your morning routine and put it right there. All your Bath & Body lotions and nail polish bottles goes in your bathroom closet. Only the things you really use and need goes in the drawers.

Go through the bedroom

Everyone has a bench or chair in their bedroom that just has clutter on it. Everyone does. This is your sign to clean it off and put everything where it goes. Get rid of it or find a spot for it. It feels so much better to not have clutter in the corners of your room, your room needs to be your sanctuary in the house! If it’s piles and piles of laundry cluttering up your room, set up a better system to cycle the laundry or keep all laundry to the laundry room.

Go through your office

Make your office your place. It needs to be your favorite spot in the house! If you don’t have a room specifically designated as your office, and your room is more of a junk room/office or spare bedroom/office, do as much as you can to declutter it and make it a space where you feel productive and excited to be. It needs to be one of your favorite spots in the house!

Clutter is now gone and so is that weight, now let’s move into health.


Pretty simple here. Are you eating things that make you feel good? Notice those foods that maybe make you feel off. Don’t think of it as a diet, just avoiding things that don’t make you feel good. Listen to what your body needs! Are you drinking enough water? Moving your body enough?

I’m not the best at moving my body, the gym has never been my favorite but I’m trying to find all sorts of ways to move my body because I feel like it gives me more energy and helps me feel better. Whether it’s skiing, yoga, taking my dog for a walk, or going to the park with my kids. I’ve just noticed that those little activities truly give me a boost throughout my day, and I know you’ll notice it too.


At the beginning of the year I went through my computer and organized my folders, went through my documents and cleaned up my desktop so that it’s easier to find photos and files for my personal life and my business. The computer can get so junked up and we often forget to take inventory every once in a while, the new year is the perfect time!

On my phone I removed all the apps I don’t use, organized them all into their folders and cleared my cache/cookies. You could even change your computer background or phone background to your vision board or something that motivates you. Another huge one I talk about a lot is unsubscribing from emails. I use Unroll Me, it’s an app you can download that will automatically go through your email and find everything you’re subscribed to and give you the option to unsubscribe and to make your inbox that much cleaner.


So important! What relationships are working and what relationships aren’t working? Notice if some relationships are adding more emotional weight and stress to you. What boundaries do you need to set? Do you need therapy or coaching sessions to help you with the relationships in your life?

Are we focusing on the toxic people or the stand-by-you forever people? Who are the people in your life who are the most supportive? Make note of how you can be better at showing up for them. Sometimes the toxic people take up so much space that we don’t see all the amazing people that show up for us. So when we take inventory and see that, we can change our focus on the positives and change our lives for the better.

Uplevel your Life

Relationship with Self

Here we’re looking at what affirmations you need, what your morning routine looks like, the habits you want in your life, these are things we want to take inventory of.

So this is what we’re going to do this week! Really go into every area of your life and take note of what’s working and what’s not working and declutter. Release the toxicity, negativity and heaviness to open up space for you to thrive and uplevel your life in 2022.

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