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76. Expand your Destiny with Nicole

Nicole is a Money Energy Expert and Business Strategist.

Her purpose is to help business owners eliminate their emotional cycles with money while creating personalized strategies to help them create massive amounts of money while having financial peace in their life and business.

She has mastered the brain and mind connection when it comes to the law of attraction plus the law of action. She has been able to build multiple six-figure businesses, work with well-known leaders around the states, speak internationally to business owners as well as manage her amazing family and farm life with her husband and three little boys.

Nicole has many classes, events, and personal coaching packages that have been able to help a single mom manifest a 5 million dollar ranch in 5 weeks, help many business owners create 50- 90k in 1 month as well as growing many businesses to six figures.

Nicole has mastered the ability to help those that have success but don’t feel successful in building their confidence and releasing the emotional and physical sabotage that comes with being a business owner and influencer.

Nicole believes there is no one size fits all in business and understands the psychology of what helps business owners activate their own intuition to find the strategies in their business that their brain understands.

Nicole is an NLP Practitioner, Reiki Master, and has many other certifications that make her the master with logical business strategy while helping her clients tap into the energy of manifestation at the highest level possible.

What I’ve learned about money energy from Nicole so far is it doesn’t matter if you are trying to get an extra few hundred dollars a month or an extra 100,000. We all need to dive deeper into money mindset!

Four Ways to Attract Wealth into your Life:

  • Clear the Brain Junk
  • Lean into your Intuition
  • Ask more questions & take more steps
  • Learn to ask for support, not permission

What is money energy?

Nicole’s story started with her oldest son and his sudden health problems about 10 years ago. Doctors couldn’t find answers so she decided to pull him out of the hospital, feeling like he was being used as a test rat. It’s debilitating going through medical turmoil, but that wasn’t the hardest part for her. The hardest part was getting settled at home and seeing all the bills rolling in.

Nicole and her husband didn’t know what to do, living from paycheck to paycheck and even trying the whole Dave Ramsey thing for a while. It just wasn’t working and she knew there had to be a different way. She stepped into the manifesting aspect and stepped into her intuition, not putting a price tag on anything!

“I like the word money energy, but you can also think of it as money mindset. I believe that your energy creates an emotion, your emotion creates our thoughts, your thoughts create a behavior, your behavior creates and action and action creates results.

For me, energy is the foundation of creation. So money energy is your emotion or energy around money. Money is very neutral and really is whatever thought or belief we have around it. It’s the value you set upon that exchange of money.”

How do you lean into your intuition?

“Intuition for me is just that knowing.’ Being able to make a quick decision without letting others influence what you’re doing. Intuition is different for everybody, just because there’s different spiritual beliefs. But it’s like a gut feeling. And you can better recognize that gut feeling when you can release those fears and blocks in your head.

First, recognize your cycles – the things that kind of run you. Fear and anxiety were mine. When fear and anxiety pop up, I noticed that I had to just keep pushing through or I would stall and put it off. So recognize the negative feelings and what they’re really trying to tell you.”

For Nicole, journaling is a way for her to clear her brain and recognize those negative cycles. She wakes up every morning, grabs a pen and a paper, and writes down her intuitive action steps for the day.

Journaling is a great way to get into that intuition mindset, but there’s other options out there too. Like meditating and affirmations. Do whatever works for you to clear your head and start the downloads of intuition.

How to clear your head:

  • Brain dump
  • Write down every idea & good thought
  • Ask lots of questions

Ask for support, not permission

Nicole has a really cool way of making sure you’re following your intuition. I talk a lot about seeking validation before taking action. Whether it’s our parents, siblings, spouses or friends – there’s that tendency to go to them and get their validation. But that hinders your ability to follow your intuition! Build on that momentum instead of blocking it.

“It is one of my passions that women step into being independently united. Don’t ask advice from your spouse or parents because they don’t know where you’re headed and don’t trust your intuition.

My husband and I don’t coach each other, we trust each other’s intuition. He has a linear brain and I have a chaotic tornado brain, so we operate differently.

Try not to put anyone else above your own intuition. It’s really irresponsible to not listen to your thoughts just because someone else is scared or doesn’t get it.

Anytime I approach my husband, I don’t treat it like I’m trying to sell him on something. I try to help him understand and if he doesn’t get it, I don’t let that stop me. I am open to having conversation with them, but he doesn’t have the final say. It will trigger their insecurities, but if you can hold the line, show them the results, they will be on board.”

How to start attracting money into your life

  • Clear your brain
  • Ask more questions
  • Take an action with manifesting

“The first way to start attracting wealth into your life is to clear your brain. Get out all the junk so you can start to download your intuition thoughts. If you don’t get the downloads, it’s really hard to have that compass or direction to know your next action steps. Start asking more questions! Write down everything that comes to your mind. When you take one action step, you take the next download, and when you take another, you get that next download. Action with manifesting is the powerful combination to get you closer to your goals. You can create whatever your dream life is, with that consistent process of getting rid of the junk, following your intuition and taking action steps.”



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