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86. Journey to Starting Floating Sensations with Lauran

Today I have Lauran Hymas on the podcast, owner of Floating Sensations located here in my little corner of Utah. I really wanted her on the podcast today because I think all you busy moms (and dads) out there could benefit from what her business does AND because I have just been really impressed with how Lauran has been able to bring something new to our area. Lauran has been doing business a little differently than what you and I are probably used to and it might give you some fresh ideas to try in your business.

All about Lauran’s Floating Sensations:

Lauren’s business is all about this cool thing called floating. And Luke and I are loooving it. My husband goes all the time, he’s pretty much a regular. But what you do is lay in these floatation deprivation pods filled with 10 inches of water and a thousand pounds of medical grade Epsom salt, for about an hour. Because it’s so buoyant in the pods, you just float and relax. And you are in your personal float room, so it’s not like you’re sharing a pod with random people.

Floating helps you reach a higher state of consciousness, relieve depression and anxiety and support better sleeping habits. It is great for people with chronic pain and inflammation, and even people who are pregnant because it can relieve all that pressure.

The first time I floated I was a little anxious, but after you do it a couple of times the butterflies go away and it becomes the most relaxing and rejuvenating experience. Lauran says the magic happens on your third float, because then you’re used to it and you’re able to really enjoy its benefits. 

Journey to Starting Floating Sensations

Why floating?

Lauran was first introduced to floating three years ago during a yoga and meditation class. After her and her husband booked their first float, she knew it needed to come to Cache Valley! Lauran and her husband finally opened Floating Sensations in 2019.

I have loved watching Lauran grow her business, expand her offerings and reach into the community as part of her marketing arsenal. She’s reached out to local businesses to do deals and packages, like she’s partnered with a local restaurant to do a date night bundle and built off her own offerings where she offers $10 off her yoga or meditation classes if you book a float. Genius! She’s been able to bring in her other skills, like her yoga and meditation expertise, to further her business and build relationships with the community to offer these kinds of bundles and deals.

Lauran said it perfectly: “It just feels good to get into the community and be supporting one another.”

Get out there! Go grow relationships in your community! Success is truly better when you’re doing it together.

About empowering women…

Lauran first got into meditation and yoga due to the whole new mom-gig. Like a lot of other moms, Lauran felt like she lost herself as a SAHM and lost touch with who she was. It caused  extreme anxiety and depression, which led her to becoming dependent on different medications to manage all the symptoms. One day she decided she had enough, worked with her doctors to get off all the medications, and turned to yoga and meditation.

Lauran said that finding yoga and meditation EMPOWERED her to come back to herself and take lead of her life. 

She then started teaching meditation and yoga classes and is now passionate about helping other women take lead of their lives. Lauran sees a lot of moms come in, all at different points in their lives with children out of the house or with toddlers and little babies – and she said it’s amazing watching them come through the doors and leave truly transformed:

“If these women just stick with it for a month or so, the transformation through that consistency is amazing and that’s what I’m truly passionate about.”

Journey to Starting Floating Sensations

Lauran’s advice for busy moms

Lauran gave some advice for running a business that isn’t quite so traditional, and advice for finding balance in your busy life. She said the hardest thing about running Floating Sensations is not taking everything so personally, and she wishes that’s something all women embraced:

“Know that you can’t please everyone. Be flexible and fluid. Running my business has been a huge learning curve because I didn’t know the marketing and bookkeeping things – and not taking it personally that I didn’t know those things has been a challenge. Just know that there is support, coaching, and classes to help you learn things you don’t and to lessen that learning curve so that running a business doesn’t seem so hard.”

Lauran also said that busy moms need to find balance. And when they’re ready to jump into their mindfulness/balanced life journey, to start with an open mind and let go of the self-judgment.

“I like to look at my life as three sides of a triangle. Those three sides can be mind-body-spirit or my family-myself-my business. So I always like to be working on one goal in each of those categories, or sides of the triangle. That way my life is balanced and I’m just keeping it simple by working on one goal. If I’m not balanced, I’m not present and falling short for myself or as a mom and business owner.”

I love how she just keeps it simple rather than flooding her to-do list with all kinds of goals.

If you resonate with Lauran’s story and are ready to bring balance in your busy life, you’ll probably be interested in her SILENT RETREAT coming up in a few months. It’s all about finding that deep meditation and there will be plenty of guidance and direction to help you throughout the two days. All the info is included in the links below!


For info on the Silent Retreat text 385-389-4168


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