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91. Working When You Don’t Have the Emotional Capacity

Working When You Don’t Have the Emotional Capacity

Today I want to talk about something I cover in a lot of different ways, but it’s clearly something a lot of people are struggling with: working when you don’t have the emotional capacity. It is really really hard to market yourself, create content and strategize when you don’t have that emotional capacity.

And this might seem familiar because I’ve already done episodes on working through sabotage and anxiety, pushing through hard times and how to keep working when you don’t have motivation. It might seem repetitive, but I’m going to keep talking about it because they continue to block you from success! I

think it’s actually fun that this has become a whole series – pushing through physical, mental and emotional sabotage.

Working When You Don’t Have the Emotional Capacity

For today’s next installment of pushing through when you just don’t want to, I made a list of nine things you can do to help you work when you just don’t have the emotional capacity.

1 – Work Ahead

You can’t rely on working in real time because you don’t know what your week is going to be like. You don’t know what family emergency or relationship drama or financial scare might come up that deters you from working on your business. So do it right now!

If you work ahead, you have time to catch up, take a break or put work off a few days if you’re not in the right mindset. I would rather do more work ahead of time when I’m already in the mood, then after when I don’t want to do anything. And because you’re not putting work off till the last minute, there’s room for inspiration and creativity to come in.

2 – Consider that Maybe You’re Doing Too Much

If you’re feeling unmotivated and nothing is really working to get you out, you’ve probably taken on too much either in life or business. Figure out why you’re stuck – what is holding you back and what you need to let go of? Put pen to paper and ask hard questions: what is not motivating you, what bores you, what is overwhelming you? Again, if you can’t get ahead in life, you’re doing too much and you need to let go of something to have space and wiggle room for inspiration to come and for life to happen.

3 – Outsource

When you’ve figured out what you need to let go of, outsource it. You don’t have to quit everything, you can just have someone else do those things. My summer is so packed this year, so I looked at my schedule and realized I can’t do brand shoots this summer. I am at max capacity so I had to let go of my brand shoots and turn them over to my team.

If I can be a full time photographer and outsource photography, you can absolutely outsource something. Whether it’s Reels, posting, blogging, client communications, bookkeeping. Think about where your time is best spent and what you just don’t like to do anymore. How much could you get done because you let go of something that’s on your list?

Working When You Don’t Have the Emotional Capacity

4 – Consider Lowering Your Goals to Match what You Have the Capacity For

I don’t always raise my goals month after month. I adjust my goals based on the season and how I’m feeling. In the summer, my goal lowers because I don’t have the capacity to take on as much as I do in the fall or spring.

You’re going to be lazy or an underachiever, it’s okay to lower your goals to make them more attainable if you’re feeling overwhelmed. How can you expect to hit high goals if everything in your life is in chaos, if you don’t even have the motivation to work? The goals need to match where you’re at.

5 – Declutter

The biggest thing I need to bring in abundance, reach my goal or bring in more clients, is clean out my life. Not just the closets and the drawers, even though that’s very helpful, the physical and digital spaces and relationships. What emotions or relationships do you need to let go of? Or maybe you need to bring balance to your health and declutter your calendars and commitments? This will free up much more energetic space to bring on more of what excites you.

6 – Get an Accountability Partner

Having the accountability aspect of checking in with someone everyday, pushes you to do that thing you don’t want to do. I may not be super motivated to do something for my business but if I tell someone what I’m going to do that day, I’m more likely to do it.

Working When You Don’t Have the Emotional Capacity

7 – Use Systems

Use systems so you don’t have to constantly use your motivation and your brain to move your business forward. Systems like Planoly and time blocking. But if you don’t have any systems, I highly recommend you get in on coaching so we can identify what systems you need and get those set up for you! Systems will free up your time and give you room to scale and grow your business.

8 – Change it Up

What can you do differently to bring excitement back into work? If you’re feeling stagnant, add something. Can you add a new product or piece of equipment? Do something new to bring that passion and excitement back to your business.

9 – Take a Break

When you’re working through lack of motivation, it’s okay to take a little break. Get a hotel, go get a pedicure or take a walk. Go somewhere where you can think and breathe because you just need space for yourself. I find the most clarity when I take a break completely by myself away from everyone. It’s amazing and brings back control and power into your life.

These nine things are real things I use to push through when I don’t have the emotional capacity to work. Grief hits me hard. I’ve had a lot of it this year and it is so draining and so hard to find the willpower to get back to work. But I know my business needs to move forward, so I go back to these nine things I just talked about. I challenge you to push through your cycles! You can still have a thriving business even when life is hard.

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