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93. Get One Week Ahead on Instagram

Marketing is my jam.

If you’ve been here for a while, you know it’s one of my favorite topics. I love marketing because I know if you have a good marketing plan, you can do anything. 

Marketing is your key to success. You can be the best nail tech, photographer, make up artist or have the best products – but if nobody knows about it, how are people going to buy from you? 

I went from being a $35 photographer with a strategy of simply just being the cheapest, to a multiple six figure business because of marketing. During the pandemic, I saw businesses fall or thrive because of marketing and even today in an instagram and reels-saturated world, marketing is the missing link changing people’s businesses.

Let’s Talk About How to Make Your Marketing Better 

I have years of blogs, courses, freebies, podcast episodes – so many things all about improving your marketing. But what I really want to hit on today is planning your content ahead of time. When I say planning ahead, I’m talking like weeks and months of content already planned out and scheduled. 

That may seem like a lot, and it kind of is a lot, but in my new 16 Weeks of Marketing Course I teach you how to plan 16 weeks ahead on blogs, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Youtube – literally everywhere. I teach you how to come up with weeks worth of content and spread it in all the places, and do it in a way that doesn’t take up your life and free time.

If you’re struggling with posting consistently, creating meaningful captions that will get engagement from followers or confused on what SEO is and how to get to the first page of google, then this course would be amazing for you. It is all in depth and hyper focused on creating strategic marketing strategies that will help turn your website and social media into booking machines.

Why should you plan your marketing ahead of time?

1 – Create more meaningful and creative captions

These are the kind of captions that actually serve your audience. Not a cheesy “happy monday” or random quote you got off Google. When I’m trying to come up with captions in real time, life is busy. I have kids whining and dinner to make and appointments to run kids to. I can’t think of what my audience needs in all that chaos and I draw a blank of what to say. 

But when I plan my captions ahead of time, I think of meaningful, relatable, great content that will actually add value to my target client. And this can even extend from captions into pictures and reels and carousels. When you plan ahead, you’re not just grabbing a random picture off your phone, you’re thinking how you can truly help your audience and be of greater value to them. 

2 – Batch work

I get a lot of things written when I’m in the mood to work, instead of staring at my phone for 30 minutes with a blank mind when it’s time to post. When I’m in the writing mood it’s easier to keep writing captions over and over. I can whip out 10 captions at once. Planning ahead is much more productive. 

3 – Consistent posting

I actually post when I plan ahead because the everything is planned out. All I have to do is basically “copy and paste” captions, hashtags and photos to Instagram. I already touched on this, but real time is busy and chaotic. I’m not going to put everything on hold in the middle of making dinner, getting kids to the dentist, dropping kids off at school to make an instagram post. 

I use a great app that reminds me to post my scheduled content. If everything is automated and I’m getting reminders to post, I’m showing up consistently and barely lifting a finger to do it.

4 – Room for life to happen

This is probably one of the greatest ways planning ahead blesses my life. I get to be in the moment with my family instead of thinking about what I’m going to post! Family dinners, activities or bedtime aren’t interrupted and I can be present with my family because I’m not spending 30 minutes making a post. How many times have you stepped away from family time because of posting? You don’t have to live that way!

Life is also really really hard. Unexpected medical things will come up, illnesses or last-minute trips. These things take you out of your normal routine. Because you’ve planned your content ahead of time and don’t have to rely on running your business in real time, you can be where you need to be while your business still thrives. 

I’ve had incident after incident the last two years, but my business did not go downhill once throughout all of it. I scheduled my posts in advance and had my marketing planned out. I can be in all the places I need to. My business can thrive because I have posts planned 16 weeks out.

5 – Keeps marketing strategy cohesive and consistent

Because you’re not making random posts, your grid and your Instagram page all makes sense. When you plan ahead and actually think about what you want to post, everything will flow together. Bonus, it looks pretty on your grid. You’ll actually be pushing forward a marketing strategy that will go the distance, thinking in the long term and not just what you need to post today.

I hope I’ve turned you to the plan-ahead side. It’s hard to be in all the online places, every app and account and you can keep up with planning ahead. I’ve talked about how you can write better captions, create better posts, reach your target market, create more strategic content – all while letting you live your life! 

So what do I use to help me plan ahead?

I have used so many different apps over the years but my favorite tool continues to be Planoly. It connects my left and right brain in the most perfect way. The app is set up so you can see your 9-square grid, how all my posts will look like on the grid and I can see captions, dates and times and statistics. 

Start this week to create a schedule

  1. First thing is to make a content plan for next Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

This will guarantee you have content for three days a week, and right now that’s plenty. Think about what your audience needs: either a how-to video, a helpful tip in the form of a carousel post, a personal post about you, a behind the scenes video/photo, or encouragement to get around a pain point. Choose what you want to post and that will be your content plan moving forward next week.

2. Then, dump 25 pictures or reels into your app’s database, maybe even graphics you’ve made on Canva. This will make it easy to choose visual content when you go to schedule your posts. 

3. Next, take three of those pictures, reels or graphics that you think fit into what you decided to post about next week and schedule them for next Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Then you can go in and write a caption for those three different posts.

But remember you want to ideally do this for 16 weeks out!

You want a 16-week content plan, not just a next-week content plan! If you don’t know what a content plan is, definitely check out the new course because that will help fill in the gaps and take out the guess work. But when scheduling out the next few weeks, come back to the different kinds of content you can post to really help your audience: how-to’s, behind the scenes, addressing pain points or pleasure points, helpful tips, personal posts about you and your business, your processes, client reviews, reels, pictures, graphics, carousels.

And this 16-week plan is really small scale. The 16 Weeks of Marketing Course goes in depth and really hones in on that cohesive marketing strategy. And I’ll let you in on a little secret! If you go sign up for my Reels Starter Guide Freebie, you will get an exclusive deal on the 16 Weeks of Marketing Course. Yay!




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