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94. Building a Community with Pualei Lynn

My sweet friend Pualei Lynn is joining us today to talk all about creating community. I know this episode was meant to be because my interview with her was rescheduled over and over again the last couple of weeks just because of different things that would come up. The opposition was in full force and it seemed like the universe just didn’t want this episode to happen! I now know why because it is SO GOOD and I know 100% there are women out there who need to hear what Pualei and I talk about today.

I met Pualei through her Elevate women’s group, she would invite me to go speak at group events and she just has so much goodness, light and love. Her Elevate women’s group brings in women from around the state, to come to events and give women a supporting community. She is also the owner of Edynkei boutique and event space in Pleasant Grove, and does styling and image consulting on the side!

Running a business with your intuition

Elevate was founded two years ago when she was in the middle of a divorce. She saw a need in herself, and in others, a place to be with other women – to receive support and offer support. Elevate is a place for women to go to receive strength from a community of women as they’re going through different struggles and life challenges.

Get this, Pualei has done no marketing at all for Elevate and it has grown completely by word of mouth. If you go to their Instagram (which is linked below) you’ll see that this group only has a couple hundred followers. But their events bring in tons of women and they just barely launched social media!

Pualei wasn’t building this group to bring in money or get it out there to hustle, she just wanted it to be a place of community for women and she knew that it would attract those who needed it.

I love love love that Pualei guides her business with her own intuition. That’s probably why Pualei and I align so well, because she and I have both learned to lean into our intuition and let God steer the boat.

I like to believe that if someone doesn’t hire me for coaching or a session falls through or I’m not booking clients, it’s because they’re not meant to come with me and I will find those people that are meant for me. And it’s really cool to watch another woman do that! You don’t need to rush and hustle, because whoever needs you or what you offer will find you and are meant to go with you.

It’s so easy to just quit your business because nobody is buying or wanting what you offer, but if you keep pushing through and focus on doing it because you know what is right and what you’re called to do, rather than focusing on the money, then you’ll start to see your success.

God as the CEO of your business

When Pualei was first launching Elevate, she asked a friend for advice and they told her that because she was going through her divorce and didn’t have a partner in life at the time, she needed to make God her business partner.

Whaaat!? Don’t I have a whole episode about God being the CEO of your business?? See, this is why Pualei needed to be on the podcast this week!

For Pualei, making God her business partner met working to emulate His kindness and striving to be loving to everyone. She said,

“When you can be grounded in that belief, you have something greater with God as your CEO than when you’re doing it by yourself.”

Learn to lean into what God wants you to do. It has helped me so much to steer the boat where it needs to go. Letting God guide me and acting on my intuition is what has helped my business grow and boom, just like it has for Pualei. Take that first step forward, that leap of faith, and know that you’re being guided.

I like to think that people don’t need to know what their business will look like three or five years in the future, they just need to be able to take the next right step over and over again.

Learning to recognize intuition and inspiration

Pualei likes to call her little nuggets of inspiration and intuition, downloads. I asked her how she gets her downloads and she said it really just comes from taking a pause and being in the present.

She gets pieces of information from being in the moment and unplugging:

“There’s always something to learn from every conversation. Take a moment and be present with people and be aware – be open to learning something. Always be asking what the next step is and God will guide you to the next step, where you can serve in greater capacities and magnify yourself.”

Ah beautiful! You don’t have to do fancy meditations or trendy things we got going around right now – just be aware and put the phones down. His messages are all around and the more you are aware and acknowledge them, even write them down, the more you’ll see them.

How to build your community

There are a bunch of women growing businesses on their own, getting burned out and having no community to lean on for support. So I asked Pualei tips for building a community and she gave three things:

1 – Build your relationship with God, your higher power, the universe, etc.

Do this by journaling, praying, meditating – whatever will help you feel closer to your higher power. Building your relationship with them will also help you to grow your love for them.

2 – Build the relationship with yourself and learn to love yourself

Practice affirmations, get to know yourself and understand your strengths. Do things that will build your confidence.

3 – Increase your love for others

Pualei said that, “It is our work here in this world to build our capacity to love others. Our purpose is to learn to recognize our divinity and our gifts and bring them forward to serve the world.”

Doing these three things will help you build your community! As you continue to work on those three things, you will build your confidence and receive guidance to help you know what your next step is to build community and gather women.

Pualei said that as you act on that guidance, you’ll continue to build confidence and find more of your gifts to share with others. It’s like a cycle. As you learn to love yourself, you’ll love others and as you love others, you’ll find more love for God or whatever higher power you believe in.

Love is the power of God!

I think it’s easy to get into bad cycles of jealousy and comparing ourselves to other women and their businesses. But when you go back to that love and try your best to love yourself and love others, you can support others and still be confident in your own business and your own path.

So that’s the goodness Pualei shared with us today! If you are interested in Elevate, they regularly meet in-person but Pualei said an online option is in the works. Below I’ve linked all the contact info to help you get started with Elevate, but Pualei said the best way is to just send them an email saying you’re interested!

Find Pualei here:

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