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96. Back to School Prep in Less Than 10 Minutes

   It’s time to go back to school! And I am ready!

After a summer of CRAZY, I am looking forward to routines and knowing what the week is going to look like. It seems like just last week I was recording an episode on planning for the summer break and now I’m already preparing for fall!

Let’s talk about preparing going back to school and back to work.

The FIRST thing I want you to do is:

1. Journal OR 2. Meditate

Manifest and visualize what your perfect fall looks like. What does it feel like with family and schedules?

This is what I visualized: “I wake up in the morning. I do my morning routine. Then I help my kids get ready. They’re dressed and bellies are full. No one is rushed. We walk to the bus stop together. My kids go to school really easy and they’re excited.”

It may never be perfect. Kids are kids. But when we can visualize what that’s going to look like, we can be better prepared for success. We prepare for it mentally before it physically happens so we can cultivate that atmosphere in your home.

Go on and visualize when you’re putting you-time into the schedule, what dinner time looks like, bedtime and after school. All the things.

Then, create a routine.

The NEXT step is to create a routine that matches that perfect fall. With those routines, I want you to create expectations and boundaries for what you want that to look like.

I wrote this as my boundary: “At 3 pm I get off my computer when the kids get home so I can be completely present after school.”

I also set expectations with my kids. When they get off the bus, they come straight home, get a snack and talk with me. Then they can go hang out with friends.

LASTLY, create a new work schedule

Go back to our time blocking episode to help you create the best schedule! Put your designated work time into your calendar first so you can know where you can fit more clients, work, you-time or family time.

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