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99. Why You Need a Workcation

We made it! Everyone is in school around here and it is the best feeling.

As I was sitting down to work this week and relishing in how much uninterrupted work time I had now that school is in, I was actually shocked at how little work I had to do. I only sat at my desk for two hours and that never happens. The last week I’ve just been doing my coaching sessions and the occasional shoot in the studio…and random house projects.

I was wondering where all my work went!

And I started thinking back to last fall and what my back-to-work schedule was when school started last year. I had so much work piled on from that summer and I realized the reason why I had so much work then and so little work now is because I took a workcation this year.

I actually take a workcation pretty often, like when I have to go speak somewhere or travel overnight for work. This time I was in Bear Lake, thinking I was going to be with my family, but they all got pulled into birthday parties so ended up just being me. And instead of canceling the trip, I decided to go to Bear Lake anyway and turn it into my little getaway.

I got so much done!

I wrote 12 blogs, scheduled my social media for the next three months, caught up on emails and updated email marketing. And of course, took some time for me and binged some Netflix rom-coms. I just sat at my computer and got it all out.

The secret to feeling caught up and ahead is a WORKCATION.

It’s a huge weight lifted off my shoulders.

It’s a game changer when you’re feeling overwhelmed and stressed because you’re carrying a to-do list from one day to the next. Because of a workcation, you feel accomplished at the end of your work days rather than defeated and not present with family because you’re stressed about what to do.When you have these bulk work days, you get caught up and get back into your groove. It’s a MUST!

Why you need workcations in your life:

1 – get caught up

2 – get ahead

3 – have a clear mind

4 – work in bulk

5 – be present for family

Here’s some tips to help you have a great workcation…

As you’re planning your workcation, you have to go in with a to-do list or goals that you want to come out with. You can’t just work all weekend without a plan or you’re not feel like you truly got caught up.

And make sure you take breaks and do me-time things. Plan some things for you!

I’ll actually be hosting work retreats at my Bear Lake cabin this year! It’s a great excuse for a workcation and also just a great environment to spark ideas, get a lot of work done and meet other women in business.

I’m opening spots for my next retreat September 16-17. It will include accommodations for two nights, headshots, group work and private work time, 1-1 time with me, breakfast and lunch, workshops, activities and beach/hot tub access – all for $400. I only have room for 10! Reach out to me soon if you’re interested in coming!

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