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Beating the Instagram game

Oh Instagram, how we love you and how we sometimes hate you.

+ LOVE +

  • being able to connect with so many people
  • start and grow amazing friendships across the world
  • being inspired, uplifted and connected
  • a free, easy platform for business


  • the numbers game – feeling like you need to grow more to be relevant
  • the new algorithm where people that have chosen to follow us can’t see our posts

Instagram Tips for Photographers

So how do we solve the CONS of Instagram?

  1. It’s not a number’s game!

How many clients do you take a year? 20 brides…maybe 30? 50 family sessions? Possibly 100? So do you really need to grow by thousands to be relevant? ABSOLUTELY not! I have 14k followers and I’m here to tell you that you will still book without having thousands of followers. All you need is xx clients per year that LOVE you, connect with you and want to hire you for you. Some of our brides don’t even follow us until AFTER we meet.

(Don’t worry — you still will grow even if you change your attitude about the importance of it)

2. Attract or Repel

You may have heard this before from the amazing J*. You want to build a following of potential clients that love YOU and YOUR WORK. You don’t need to be a people pleaser. You don’t need to post what you think will attract for followers. You also don’t need to be afraid to post what might repel some followers if it speaks to your ideal client.

Figure out WHO you want as clients. Post to them. Stick to your brand. Be yourself. And the RIGHT clients will follow. When you are posting, post for you…and for them…not for everyone.

3. Don’t worry about the Un-follows

First of all, there are tons of accounts that are fake and there are ton of people that follow/unfollow to gain followers. Because of this your numbers will fluctuate daily. That doesn’t mean the world hates you and you should just give up. If you lose followers, YAY! You are building a stronger tribe. You have a strong brand that attracts the RIGHT followers!

4. Stop watching the Numbers

Be consistent, post at your “peek hours,” use relevant hashtags and be yourself. The right followers will come on their own…EVEN if you stop watching. Watch your children, your favorite TV show, the sun set, but DON’T watch your followers!

5. Start Conversation

The algorithm did decrease engagement, but it can still do great things for accounts that start conversation and are relevant. If you want to get your posts higher in the algorithm, you need to start conversation. Post STRONG photos. Include captions that make people stop, think, answer, laugh, REACT. With a strong photo and an interesting caption, you spark conversation. The faster you get likes and comments in those first 30 minutes, the higher you’ll get on the algorithm. Be very intentional on what, when and how you post.

6. Don’t let it determine your self worth!

You might not be insta-famous, but you are an amazing person. You have so many REAL people that love you for who you are, not just what you do. YOU ARE AMAZING. Don’t let likes ever make you feel less than anyone else.

If instagram were to shut down tomorrow, would you be a different person?

Other Tips

1. Be Consistent – Post Often

2. Timing is Everything!

3. Use RELEVANT Hashtags

4. Start Conversation

5. Be Yourself

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