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Get Back to Business After a Hard Time

A few weeks ago I started a challenge for myself that I shared on instagram. Baby steps to help me in getting back to work after a pandemic. I had moms texting me “What’s the challenge for tomorrow? I won’t be on in the morning.” Getting Back to Work after a Pandemic with these 5 Silly Things helped me snap out of my funk.
Getting back to work after a pandemic COVID 19

1. Wear real clothes

It started with putting on a real bra or real pants. First thing that I did is if I’m going to go back to business and be the mom boss, I need to get dressed. I need to stop wearing clothes for three days in a row. I need to stop brushing my teeth at 4:00 PM. I need to put on real clothes.

2. Make my bed

The second thing that I started doing was making my bed. I love my bed made, I love it. When someone else makes my bed, it  instantly brings me joy. If you get up and you make your bed first thing, you’re already more productive.

3. Gratitude journal

The third thing that I started doing was my gratitude practice, which is something that I’ll probably do a whole episode about because it’s been crucial in my journey this last year. My journal literally leads and guides my life. I write down every day 10 things I’m grateful for, even in the middle of trauma, tragedy or pandemics. I’ve learned there are always things to be grateful for.
Underneath the 10 things I’m grateful for, I write down an affirmation for the day. This week it’s been: “I have energy all day long.” That is something I need. Homeschooling, mom life, business life, being with your husband and family 24/7 without any breaks…it’s all exhausting. What is something you need?

4. Stop watching Netflix 

TV is like my hobby. I love TV, I love it.” But there’s a time and a place for TV, and Monday through Friday, all day long, all night long is not the place. Maybe on the weekends you binge-watch your show, but during the week, if you’re listening to anything, it’s podcasts, classes, music.

5. Think, what do people need from me?

Because the reality is people still need what we offer. So, what do people need from you? How can we change how we offer that?
I have seen gyms offer online classes. Hair salons offer at-home DIY root touch up kids. Tanning salons offer safe self tanner with instruction. Photographers offer front step projects.
How can we change the product to fit what people need? It’s amazing to see businesses adapt.
Getting back to work after a pandemic

I got my business back after one week of changing my quarantine habits.

In the week after I did those five things: stop watching Netflix, make my bed, get dressed in real clothes, daily gratitude practice, and think what do people need from me, I got back to business in full swing.
I had two associates join my team and created an entire onboarding class. I started booking weddings, families and brandsfor now and for the future with $10,000 in booking revenue in just one week for all of my associates.I shot 10 sessions in a week and I outlined 12 weeks of this podcast, blog posts, Instagram, and launched a podcast.

Change your mind, change your life

All it took was a change in my mind. Choose to change the story we tell ourselves. Choose to mute the news articles and the conspiracy theory friends.I’m not paralyzed anymore because I told myself that I wasn’t, and I’m ready to get back to business. I’m ready to create a podcast series. I’m ready to connect with women. I’m ready to shoot brands and help them market their businesses.
I think you’re ready to get back to back to work after a pandemic, too. It’s time to adapt, pivot and be creative. It’s time to take those baby steps and change the way we promote our businesses. I’m grateful for the time and space that the quarantine gave my business to adapt and to change, to rebrand and to pivot and to change my message and direction. It has been life changing for me.

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