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123. Getting Cold with Jess Brown

I’m so excited, because on today’s podcast, we have a guest – it’s been a while, and I’ve been saving one of my favorite people for this interview! Jess Brown! Jess is all-around an amazing human.  She’s very positive and teaches a lot about women empowerment.  She helps you feel good about yourself and in your skin.  

Jess runs a wellness business and specializes in pregnancy and postpartum with BIRTHFIT. Her background is in mental health, strength training, breath work and nutrition.  Jess transitioned from being a therapist in girls residential treatment center with a desire to offer fitness, nutrition, mindset, and connection to women in the motherhood transition. She takes an approach rooted in mindset to help clients create shifts and whole wellness for the mind, body and soul. Jess loves to help clients experience fulfillment and enjoyment through the process of making lifelong changes. 


I loved chatting with Jess about how her wellness business has evolved the last several years, but what I was most excited to talk to Jess about was her COLD PLUNGING! 

Cold plunging is the ultimate slow-down, and the ultimate breath control – it’s the perfect exercise in giving your body something completely out of your control and then calming yourself down.  It helps your nervous system learn the basic skills of regulating.  

Jess started cold plunging when she was teaching seminars for BIRTHFIT in California.  She was so nervous, but decided to just go for it! She loved it, and it brought her back to the feelings of natural childbirth.  Much like natural childbirth, she had to go into her body to stay in control and to regulate herself.  Cold plunging disrupts the “hamster wheel” and disrupts your thought patterns.  In order to not panic and allow yourself to feel safe in your body, you have to dive into your breath.  Jess loves doing it, loves watching people do it, and loves to guide people through it.  It’s crazy how powerful the mind is! 

Jess has a Cold Plunge tub conveniently in her garage and does them frequently, but she originally started doing cold exposure through ice in the bath, cold showers, etc.  


FULL DISCLOSURE: We have a DIY cold plunge at our house.  My husband uses it, but I have not yet.  I am naturally a cold person, so I have been so nervous to try it myself! I even tell people to try it all the time! Although, Jess has convinced me to go for it! 

There are so many benefits when it comes to our nervous system, helping with our sleep wake rhythm, stress, anxiety, your metabolism, etc. It can get all science-y when you’re doing it consistently, but honestly, Jess says she craves it.  She craves the feeling of a dialed-in breath work exercise.  

You step out of doing something that’s uncomfortable, you chose into it, and you find calm! Jess says that it helps her throughout her day to be more resilient to hard stuff.  She has a greater bandwidth for those times where life’s coming at her! She knows she can find a safe space in her breath and is far less triggered.  She’s intentionally increasing her capacity for life.  

I asked Jess, “What has been the biggest difference you have seen in your year of plunging?”

She says she recognizes her resilience.  Sure, she still has her triggers, but she’s more resilient.  It has allowed her to get of her head more.  She feels more aligned.  

I am so grateful that Jess took the time to sit down and chat with me today about wellness, her cold plunging, etc.  I feel so inspired by Jess and I hope you do too! 


Find Jess on Instagram HERE, and find her website HERE.    


Episode 123. Getting Cold With Jess Brown

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