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How to Plan A Vacation as an Entrepreneur

As a business owner, sometimes its hard to turn work off. Today I’m sharing four ways I take a true vacation while still running a business.

1. Schedule everything

I have been scheduling my Instagram and social media posts for years, but recently Instagram partnered with several scheduling apps to enable AUTO POSTING. Make your Instagram a business account, schedule your posts and let your social media keep living while you’re away!

I use Hootsuite for Facebook groups, pages, Instagram and Planoly for @kyleeannstudios. Learn more here.

2. Wake up Early

I typically wake up 30 minutes before the rest of your family just by default because I have sleep issues. In those thirty minutes, I reply to emails or check in on notifications. I typically scan for most important things to reply to only unless I have time to answer everything. On our last trip, I was up hours before the family. I watched tv shows, scrolled Instagram and had plenty of time to reply to comments. I also got 8+ hours of sleep. Definitely the right vacation.

3. Turn off ALL push notifications, dings, etc.

Don’t let those little red icons distract you from well-deserved time off.

4. Turn on an Auto Reply

If you aren’t going to have any time to answer emails or you don’t want to keep your clients waiting, make sure to turn on an auto reply so you can keep amazing customer service. Let your clients know when you’ll return or a link to find out more information while you’re away.

How to Take a True Vacation while Running a Business

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