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How to send Invoices online

Manage your Photography Business without Losing Your Sanity

Many photography businesses are single-employee shows.  The photographer schedules the shoots, writes the contracts, collects the payments, markets to potential clients, and if that wasn’t enough, there’s the actual photography and editing.  Even worse, most of these tasks are completed using different online services and apps.  Honeybook pulls all of these pieces into one platform and allows you to manage everything from one place, most of it automatically for you.Manage your Photography Business

Legal Online Contracts

Remember having to drive hours just to get a client to sign a paper contract?  Or hoping it didn’t get lost in the mail?

Now you can accomplish this without leaving your home office – or even thinking about it because it can be automated.  Use Honeybook’s provided contract template and edit your terms.  Whenever you book a new client, their information can be pulled into the required fields and then sent off to them for electronic signing.  You can create as many templates as you need to based on the different service contracts that you might provide.

Professional and Gorgeous Invoices

Honeybook makes collecting payments professional and easy.  Like contracts, you can create your own invoice templates with your personal branding and schedule them to be sent to the client.  Honeybook allows for many different payment methods, including credit/debit cards and bank transfer.  You can also set up automatic payment reminders to make sure that your client doesn’t forget about that emailed invoice.

Installment payments, automatic recurring payments, and integration with Quickbooks all make the entire invoicing process easier.  Honeybook also provides its own minor bookkeeping service allowing you to track past payments, future payments, and net profits.  The small, standard 3% transaction fee is well worth it.

Reporting for easy Tracking of Expenses and Income


An often-overlooked aspect of a photography business is tracking conversion rates and where your leads came from so that you can target your marketing efforts.  Honeybook makes this kind of reporting easy to understand, allowing you to market more efficiently.


Running a photography business doesn’t have to be a source of stress.  Let Honeybook take care of the administrative work so that you can focus on your creativity.

Manage your Photography Business

Easy Questionnaire Templates

Set yourself up for success by automatically gathering all of the information you’d ever need for an upcoming session.  You can quickly & easily create different questionnaire templates for various services depending on the type of information you need to collect for those different types of sessions.  Schedule them to be sent out on the timeline you determine.  And don’t forget the feedback questionnaire once the event is complete!

Calendar Integration with Your Phone

Honeybook can integrate with Calendly and Google Calendars so that you’re never double-booked or booked while you’re on vacation.  All events added to your calendar through Honeybook are color-coded for easy recognition.  Honeybook’s dashboard shows you all of your upcoming tasks based on the due date and can send you reminders when they’re due.  Honeybook can’t integrate with Outlook or iCal yet, but if you sync these calendar services to a Google account, you can indirectly sync these calendars.

Honeybook is offering you a 50% OFF coupon. Or you can sign up for the FREE TRIAL before you commit! Oh, and the FREE trial includes 5 of my own email templates for you to customize for your business. They are automatically loaded into your account when you sign up with that link!

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How to Manage your Photography Business without Losing Your Sanity

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