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114. Leaving Victim Mindset Behind in 2022

Today I want to talk about something that we are going to be leaving behind in 2022, and that is the VICTIM MINDSET!

I’m not saying you need to be overly positive all the time and you can’t ever complain – we’re not talking toxic positivity here – we’re talking about how you’re playing the constant role of the victim.  Your life is going to be so much better if you stop playing the victim – I promise you that! Naturally, we tend to go to the victim mindset.  It takes a proactive shift to see the good and grateful rather than the bad.  A victim is always making excuses for what’s going on.  They’re always blaming someone else.  A lot of times, victim mentality is focused on scarcity – what they lack and what they don’t have.  They’re envious and jealous of other people.  I remember feeling like this.  I made myself a victim, and because I was in this victim mode, I was attracting and seeing more negativity around me.  If you focus on things that are going wrong, you’re going to see more of what’s going wrong.  I promise, when you start making the mental shift from the victim mindset to the victor or gratitude mindset, your life is going to be better. You’re going to see the good in your life definitely outweighs the bad.  Remember though, I’m not saying that there’s not bad in your life.  There’s always going to be bad, hard, and pain in your life.  There’s going to be trials.  It’s an addiction to be stuck in the victim mindset.

Leaving Victim Mindset Behind

How do we get out of the victim mentality? It’s easier than you think!

  1. Practice Gratitude

For me, the easiest way was gratitude.  As you all know, I started my gratitude journal in 2019 and it got me through some of my biggest challenges, trials, heart ache and emotions.  I was able to feel the same, but also see that there’s still so much good.  Because I was able to see that there was so much good in every day, I wasn’t in this bitter negative space.  If you catch yourself heading into this downward spiral of negativity and complaining, go to your journal.  Black journal all the complaining and negative out, then write 10 things you’re grateful for underneath that! Black journaling helps me resolve the bad instead of making it worse.  I’m not perfect at any of this, and I don’t expect you to be either, but it’s also not the healthiest.

  1. Stop Complaining

Complaining is appropriate and needed at times, but for the most part, we complain way too much.  We complain about things that don’t need to be complained about! The more we complain, the more hyped up we get about the negativity.  This doesn’t help our mental health, our hormones, or anything! It only causes us to spiral more out of control.

  1. Don’t hang out with people who have a victim mentality

The victim mentality gets addictive!  For the most part, I try to avoid the victim mentality because I know how much better my life is if I get out and stay out of that spiral.

  1. Create affirmations for yourself and have self-compassion

You need to realize that you’re not perfect and sometimes you just need to get things out! You can have affirmations that will help you not feel like a failure when you do spiral, but also have affirmations that will help you reverse the behavior.

Leaving Victim Mindset Behind

You’ve got this, and you can come out on top! There are so many bad things happening, and there’s so many bad situations that you can find yourself in, but because you’re in a victor mindset, you’re going to get through it.  You’re going to be resourceful, you’re going to figure it out, you’re going to make the best of it, and you’re going to find so many miracles and tender mercies.  You won’t have time to complain anymore because so many things are going right for you – all because you flipped your mindset!


Episode 114 – Leaving Victim Mindset Behind in 2022

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