When I started my first business (Kylee Ann Studios) nearly 12 years ago, I charged $35 a session. The only way I knew how to get clients was by being the cheapest. After two years of hustling day and night, I showed up at my tax meeting and realized I was not profitable. And something had to change.

It was then and there that I committed to running a business like a business and invested in learning strategic marketing. I started diving into SEO, copy writing and learning how to create my own content strategy that converts. My business quickly went from one $35 family and friends photographer to a full calendar of strangers. 

When I started my biz, my marketing strategy was being the cheapest.

The more content I had, the more places I had that content, the more people found me, and the more my business exploded.

What happened next is six months later, I became the number one spot on Google. When you search on Google for Logan Utah Photographer or Logan Utah Wedding Photographer, you find Kylee Ann Studios. 

I turned my website into a booking machine. 

I started marketing strategically three times a week in 2013 and have not stopped.

☑ I filled up my calendar with clients that wanted my style and loved me for me
☑ I hit my first 6 figures with photography sessions. then 2nd. then 3rd.
☑ I actually knew how to get clients, and used it as I switched genres three times!!!
☑ I got to the top of Google in more than one category, and stayed there for a decade
☑ I started collecting 500+ leads a year and got to grow an associate team to serve them all
☑ My team started consistently booking 75 couples, hundreds of families and brands annually in a small area with a saturated market
☑ I was able to keep my marketing framework and still thrive through a pandemic.

After applying a consistent marketing strategy, I started growing exponentially...and have not stopped.

It's easy to look at my team and think I was always successful. Truth is... I wasn't. My marketing strategy of being the cheapest only worked until I was actually good and no longer wanted to make pennies. But...when I finally invested in learning marketing, it didn't take long to take off. 

Being the best at what you do is worthless without a good marketing plan. You can be the BEST [anything], but if no one know about it...how will you get more clients? 

I teach simple, inexpensive, authentic marketing techniques that WORK for service based businesses like ours. Everything from email marketing, blogging, SEO, content planning, Pinterest, instagram marketing and more.

Remember that my team of ten started with me and an entry level camera.

"You guys! A chick found me on there BECAUSE of my about me blog post, messaged me about pricing. I just got back from a consultation with her where we talked for AN HOUR and really connected. SHE BOOKED! She said she loved how personable I was and she could tell I have a love for my craft and clients. I'm so happy. This has been the best investment I have ever made for my business." *two weeks later*".....I just booked my second shoot in a week from people who I have no connection to. they both found me on some type of online platform!"

This has been the best investment
I have ever made for my business.

"I have bought hundreds of dollars worth of marketing courses and invested in a ton of education. This is the only thing that I've actually followed through with. I feel like I'm actually doing stuff and it's making me busy and happy. You're a genius Kylee. This is the best thing out there!" - Amber

You're a genius Kylee.
This is the best thing out there!

"How did I get this gorgeous little family for a shoot tonight you ask? Try being #1 in their google search just below the ads!!! ... Winning! Thanks KA for helping me get where I want to be with my business"

Thanks KA for helping me get where
I want to be with my business"


• Are you posting sporadically or not at all?
• Are you confused at what SEO is and how people even get on the first page of Google?
• Are you posting cheesy captions that have no call to action or reason to respond?
• Do you never know what to say when you open up a draft?
• Are you struggling to book clients?

Does this sound like you?

• Create a strategic marketing plan for 16 weeks at a time that converts the RIGHT followers into loyal customers
• Get to the first page of Google when someone searches your niche
• Create content that provides value, gets shares, saved and replied to.
• Get the ideas for content flowing
• Turn your website and instagram into a booking machine.

What if I could help you...

YES! Your very own strategic plan! 

You will create it all on your own with guided prompts and worksheets. 

It will be unique to you! It will be strategic! It will be what your target audience wants and needs. And it will be AMAZING! 


90 days of marketing is a daily challenge, like the 4 week one (except the 4 week one is updated with reels and carousels).

The new 16 weeks of content course is walking you through how to brainstorm your own content that fits your target audience, how to splice it up and use it in all of the places. It will walk through Instagram, Blog, SEO, Pinterest, scheduling apps, etc!!! 

Is this the same as 90 days?

Among learning things like blogging, SEO, Email marketing, Instagram strategy, etc, you will learn how to schedule A LOT of content, in a short amount of time.

Create a simple workflow that saves you time, fills your head with ideas and produces more content than ever before.

Whats different about content planning course?

Frequently asked

16 Weeks of Marketing:
A Strategy for Creatives

If you are planning your content day by day or even week by week, this course is for you. I will teach you how to plan 16 weeks of content at a time. Not just instagram content. We are talking weekly podcast, blog posts, emails AND social media posts.

In this course, we will create a simple workflow that saves you time and gives you more content than you've ever had before. You will also learn how to brainstorm content that attracts and serves your target client, creates trust and builds authority.

Learn how I post on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest multiple times a day, blog 3-5 times a week AND still have time to answer emails, take photos and be with my family.



Create a simple marketing strategy and workflow that saves you time, fills your head with ideas and produces more content than ever before. With my classes you will be marketing your business effectively on ALL the platforms in no time.


Want to grow your business beyond your family and friends? Want people to find you in the search engines? Find out the strategy I have used successfully for a decade that has turned my website into a booking machine.


Marketing is NOT just about Instagram! Learn how to take one piece of content and spread it EVERYWHERE - podcast, blog, facebook, pinterest, instagram, stories, etc! Learn it all and choose which platforms are for you!


Tired of opening your phone up each day and wondering what to post? I will teach you how to use stories, reels and carousels effectively and efficiently. Leave with a calendar of ideas and a weekly plan.


What's included


A content plan designed for YOU. (Challenge edition. Because everyone thrives with a challenge.)

Use the 4 Week Marketing Challenge to make strategic, personalized posts that attract your target market and turn followers into customers every single day.

+ Push past your mental blocks
+ Learn new strategies and tools to market your business
+ Learn which posts WORK for your followers
+ Get consistent

4 Week Marketing Challenge

+ it includes this BONUS: 

I JUST WANT TO TAKE THE 4 week INStAGRAM Marketing Challenge

Get started with a better marketing plan right away!


←Bonus: includes Marketing Challenge





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