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Miracle Morning

A few weeks ago I downloaded a new book from Audible,

“The Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod.

I had been hearing about this book from some of the top leaders in the country in various podcasts and articles concerning productivity. I needed a change and a way to add structure to my day so I decided to give it a listen. Keep in mind that I’ve never been a morning person. Even as a child, I wouldn’t even fall asleep in the car traveling late at night. So as a business owner, I am much more wired to stay up late to get work done than to wake up early.

Because of bad habits, I was feeling very uncentered and some of my biggest priorities would never get done because I put them off till the evening when I was exhausted. If this sounds like you, you need this book!! Its a very simple read with lots of practical step by step applications about how to wake up earlier and get the major things done. I’ve been experiencing the miracle morning for a few weeks now so I will share some small things that have helped turn me into a morning person.

Miracle Morning Tips

  1. Believe that good SLEEP gives us more productivity. I used to think that sleep was just a waste of time and an indulgence. Since applying my miracle morning and getting to bed earlier in my prime hours of quality sleep, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my ability to focus and perform. Instead of hitting the hay at 2am, I’m laying down around 10:30pm. #lifechanging
  2. Transition from daytime into your sleep time. All day long we crunch so much information in our brains from our phones, our families, and mostly from social media. So laying in bed and scrolling through Instagram for 30 mins before bed means that when your phone is finally shut off, your brain is expected to go from 60 to zero with no warning. When we put a child to bed we strategically prepare their mind to slow down by giving them a warm bath, some PJs, reading a book and maybe even singing songs. We need to give our brains the same kind of transition. Now I put away my phone around 9:45pm at night and pick up a book after my night time routine.
  3. Buy an alarm clock that lives across the room. Also, leave your phone in a different room. This is essential. I bought a $5 alarm clock from Walmart and parked it 7 feet from my bed. The only way I can turn it off in the morning is to GET out of bed. I am very aware of my phone addiction so picking it up first thing in the morning just means I won’t set it down all day, so the alarm clock has helped to break that cycle.

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Believe that good SLEEP gives us more productivity

  1. Set things out the night before. I love to read scriptures, drink water, journal and write my to do list in the morning. I have a specific place where I set out everything I will need the night before so once I wake up, I’m not searching for what I need.
  2. Get active. Raising your heart rate first thing in the day will do wonders for your metabolism and mood. Doing a hundred jumping jacks and some squats can get your blood flowing in a mater of minutes. A walk in the fresh air is an amazing way to enlighten your body and mind. I’ve even looked up beginner’s yoga on Youtube.
  3. Study habits and how to make them stick. For me, I WANT to change and the happiness I feel now is a wonderful reward. Habits only stick around when you have cues, routines and reward so do not neglect any of this cycle. I make micro goals every morning to “put my tennis shoes on” every day. By accomplishing that micro goal, I’m that much more likely to walk out the door to the gym which is my macro goal. Build success on top of success!
  4. Set a time early enough to wake up that you will have some peace and quiet. Being a mom or having a time to be at work might make this earlier than for me. But it is very key to wake up before the house is awake. I love the feeling of being up before the sun and intentionally doing so. Set a time to be ready for every day!

I highly suggest making some changes to your morning to take control of your day. There is no better feeling. If you think you want to read the whole book you can find it HERE. There are tons of YouTube videos and blogs about the topic too!! Finally, head over to view the free “Crash Course” here. I hope you try it out!! Let me know about your own Miracle Morning in the comments below!!

Miracle Morning | How to Add Productivity to Your Morning

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