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122. Systems, Systems, Systems

Today, we are going to talk about one of my favorite things, and the biggest tool that I use in my business: SYSTEMS.  Systems are my business superpower.  It’s the reason we can take on so much as a team, and it’s the reason I can do so much as an individual person.  Systems are the reason I can be so productive and get so much done in a small amount of time.  They’re the reason I can scale my business, have employees, contractors, and it’s the reason I’m able to let go of control. Every single thing that I do in my business has a system.  That means that every single thing that I do in my business can be done by someone else.  Systems are a framework for your business.  However, systems aren’t just for your business.  Systems are a method, a framework, or a clear way of doing something.  


For example: when someone sends me an email, and they’re asking about my pricing, coaching, or photography, I use a template.  The template has places for me to personalize the email and really get to know the client, but the part where I share the actual information is the same.  Every time.  It’s the same for every single person who comes my way, so why not make a template.  If someone inquires on Monday, they can get the same answer as they did on Wednesday, when I’m on a vacation, or when my kids are sick.  My email templates allow for consistency, efficiency, and they allow me to have better customer service. Not only do they make me more organized, but it gives a better experience to my clients. 

Systems aren’t just for you, they’re for everyone – your partners, your clients, your employees, your vendors, etc. When you have a great system in place, people are going to be so amazed by working with you before they even work with you.  Often times, I’m told, “Oh my gosh you’re the best coach/photographer I’ve ever worked with!” All before I’ve even done the coaching or taken their photos.  This is because of the systems I have on the front end and back end of what I do.  


Let’s talk about some systems so you can start implementing them into your business: 

  1. Emails/DM/Messages

However you get inquiries, you need to have a system to respond.  People are asking you the same questions over and over again, and you’re going to respond based on your mood, what time you have, over a few days, etc.  Create a system for your inquiries so that you correspond with everyone the same way.  I use a program called HoneyBook.  HoneyBook is a CRM (Client Relationship Manager).  If you’re a service-based business, HoneyBook is a great CRM!  No matter what business you’re in, you will likely be using a CRM – search for a CRM in your specialty! 

In HoneyBook, they have a contact form that allows me to customize certain fields to gather information.  I then imbed that contact form into my website.  When someone inquires through my website, it goes directly into my HoneyBook dashboard.  All of my email response templates are in HoneyBook! It’s such a streamlined process! 

No matter what CRM you use, the most important parts are to:

  1. Capture all your leads into one place.  
  2. Have all your responses saved to templates 

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  1. Social Media

I use a program called Loomly that allows me to schedule all of the content for my social media channels.  I have all of my different accounts on Loomly.  Everything in social media is in one place – one system.  Once a month, I go in and dump all of my media/content.  I then go in, weekly, and add music, schedule posts, etc.  After that, I use my marketing brain to drive people to my products, courses, and services.  

  1. Systems around my house
  • Laundry – I have a laundry basket per person in my tiny laundry room, and I sort as clothes come out of the dryer.  It goes much faster when you are focusing on folding only one person’s clothes, rather than sorting and folding as you go.  Recently, I adopted a new system from Instagram where I wash ALL of the laundry, all of the way through, every single day.  This system can be tricky, and you have to stay on top of it daily, but so far, so good.  
  • Every night, I put my house to bed – I’m sure you’ve heard of this before, but every night, I put my house to bed before I go to sleep.  I’ve been doing this for such a long time… probably 8 years now!  At the end of the night, I start in the very bottom, back corner of my house and I pick up as I go.  I load the dishwasher and start it (even if it’s not all the way full), I start the wash, and I do a quick tidy of everything.  This makes it so much easier to stay on top of housework because it’s never too messy.  I let things go over the weekend, when my kids are home, but I always do a more powerful clean on Monday morning.
  • Everything has a place – I have organization systems in every closet and every cupboard.  For example: I only allow my kids 6 bins of toys out at a time.  The rest of the bins are put away in the closet.  This makes it easier for them to help clean up as well, because everything has a place.  
  1. Links

I am constantly getting asked for links! So, I utilize the keyboard shortcuts on my phone to program in those frequently requested links.  I program my pricing links, my podcast, my affiliate codes, my contact forms, my Amazon lists, etc.  This makes it so I don’t always have to look up my links each time someone asks.  

Systems are the reason I’m able to take on so much in my life.  I think some people may look at my output and say, “Oh my gosh, there’s no way I could do all of the things she does in a day…”. The reason I can is because of my systems.  It takes so little time to get things done.  Anyone can do it.  My systems become a habit.  

This is what I want for everyone in their business.  Systems are a superpower.  They’re overwhelming and sometimes complicated to set up, but every single part of your business and your life can have a system.  You can have a full, beautiful, efficient, complete business life.


Episode 123. Systems, Systems, Systems

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