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104. Three EASY Marketing Tips You’re Forgetting

Three EASY Marketing Tips

I think people overcomplicate marketing.

And that’s probably because algorithms and SEO and social media are what people are constantly hearing constantly on social media. And those are complicated strategies and people are getting too hung up on them.

Marketing doesn’t have to freeze you up, it’s EASY if you just focus on the basics.

Three EASY Marketing Tips

So I’ve been thinking about those marketing basics and I came up with three EASY things you aren’t doing in your business.

And you’ve probably thought about them, just aren’t doing them, and that’s why marketing goes over your head. Anyone can market anything!

And these are honest, authentic and organic strategies. Real marketing and no cheap softwares or social media algorithms. But the catch is that they’ll only work if you’re passionate about what you’re selling. If you don’t believe in what you’re doing, you won’t see any results.

Three EASY Marketing Tips

1 – Dumb it Down

Act like you are the only person in the world that has ever done what you’re doing. The only person that’s a photographer, the only person that does permanent jewelry, the only coach for parents, the only person that sells baby clothes.

You’re going to dumb down everything for your clients, like they’ve never had your service or product before: how-to’s, why you’re the best, what your service/product is, how it works, FAQs, what to expect. Basically addressing all of their pain points.

Business owners miss this because they get so caught up in their industry. They become the expert because they’ve been doing it for years and forget that there are people out there who have never done family pictures or have never had a baby swaddle or had permanent jewelry done.

Most people just need the whole process explained to them and what you’re all about. So instead of, “Oh this is just another baby swaddle.”

Make it, “Oh this is the best baby swaddle because it keeps your baby perfectly snuggled. You can put it over your carseat and this is how you can wrap it to give your baby more comfort. It washes so easily and stays soft every time, it even comes in all these fun colors to match your style.”

Talking to people like they’ve never experienced what you offer, allows them to see what it is and how it will work for them. And that’s the key.

The more you dumb it down, the more ways they’ll can see that it will work for them.

2 – Show all the BTS

BTS can be everything: shipping the product, designing or creating the product, how you’re prepping, website building, what you’re doing before and after appointments, conversations you’re having with collaborators or clients.

Make sure to show BTS because it takes people on the full journey and that’s much more valuable than just showing the end product. People are more excited to support you when they’ve seen the whole process.

It also creates an emotion between your followers and you because they’ve seen the journey and become more involved.

Also, monkey see, monkey do. People get what’s most popular and if you’re showing what other people are doing, what’s most popular, people are going to want in and it pushes them to join too. It’s just one of the basic things about the human brain and how marketing works.

3 – Be their real, genuine friend

I want you to be involved, comment on their stuff and get invested in your client’s life. But don’t fake it. Nobody likes a fake friend.

I have been doing this for years and marketing isn’t hard anymore because I have built trust with my clients and they know me.

They come to me because I became their friend, I have that relationship with them and not just because I’m the cheapest around. In fact I’m not the cheapest around and clients still come to me because they have that bond with me.

It’s the best thing you can do for your business. Just being genuine and authentic and not making it about the money.

These are my three EASY ways to market your business. They aren’t complicated, include no SEO or algorithms or reels to be successful. Just the basics. So if you’re struggling with your marketing, go back to these basics.

But if you just need more marketing help, I am your girl! The number one thing I would suggest, wherever you are in your journey, is the four-week marketing challenge.

It teaches the basics, helps you get a handle on the complicated marketing things, and will push you past where you’re uncomfortable. And that is a huge because that is what will break your limiting beliefs and negative cycles about marketing!

I also have 16 weeks of marketing, which is more in-depth and teaches you how to take content and spread it to all the places. Let’s make you a marketing queen!

Listen to the full podcast here.

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